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Acid Meets Match!

New online bingo games Let’s talk acid!  Some of us suffer with acid and heartburn…sometimes it evens causes soar throats, ulcers and more!  There’s balance… Multiforce (, a multi-mineral powdered supplement developed to help your body re-calibrate its pH balance between acid and alkaline so you can feel good, especially if you aren’t eating the right foods or balanced meals. […] Read More

Powders by Nature’s Way

Nature’s Way is a nationally recognizable brand that you’ll see in various retailers nationwide.  Let’s maximize health with some new delightful products that dissolve quickly in just about any beverage.   A great source of energy from Beet Root and support of joint health with Turmeric Powder. Who knew charred coconut shells would aide passage in […]

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Coral LLC Vitamin D3 – that’s a healthy rhyme!

Recent research shows that about 42 percent of Americans are Vitamin D deficient, which is why taking a Vitamin D supplement like Coral LLC Coral Daily Vitamin D3 is recommended all year long—no matter the season. “The average American lifestyle doesn’t accommodate for the amount of sun exposure required to acquire healthy levels of Vitamin […]

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PBfit Go Nuts!

So love this!  Indulge of Peanut Butter flavor minus the calories and fat. The best part is being a powdered mix that can easily be a dip or ingredient in just about anything from shakes to baked goods.   Just stir away, dip away and bake or cook up to your Peanut Butter lovers hearts content!  Delicious  […]

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Biotene Time

A feeling of soft and bouncing clean hair is an uplifting feeling, and looks too!   Use it daily, and it gives your hair that ‘newborn’ treat it deserves.  Biotin and Peptides in both phases for thicker and fuller hair.   Some of the many ingredients include coconut oil and aloe so lather away!  Gentle enough to wash twice!  […]

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Better Than Sufficient

A flavorful high dose of 4,000 milligrams of Vitamin C that’s caffeine-free.  Lemon peach thirst quencher. Recognized for immune support by Riordan Clinic in Wichita, Kansas and many doctors  Boosting your immune and verified non-GMO, naturally Vegan, gluten and sugar-free. Get Sufficient-C® and read more about the product at Did I mention low calorie. More about […]

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Get Into Food Sanity!

Food Sanity How to Eat in a World of Fads & Fiction gives us all some much needed insight into the facts and misconceptions when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. Dr. David Friedman busts the myths around certain types of foods that have long held their influence over us, as well as shed light […]

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Masigi Before You Meet!

Oil Pulling is a system that’s been around for centuries and now packaged up in a convenient on-the-go quick application.  Brilliant and simple! Anytime you feel a need for a rinse but not toting around your toothpaste and toothbrush Masigi is a great throw in your bag. Think of the times you wish you can […]

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Stabilize by way of Dark Chocolate

Stabilize nutrition bars prove to be a delicious snack!  Finding a tasty snack or protein meal replacement can be challenging.  Having multi flavor is always something to take into consideration; All Dark Chocolate: Coconut Cashew, Thin Mint Cookie, Peanut Butter Cup, Hazelnut all great for a quick grab and go. The key ingredients are Whey Protein, […]

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Spoonful of minerals!

Minerals: The Forgotten Nutrient by Joy Stephenson uses great key topics discussing why minerals are truly the route for us to go to stay healthy. Stephenson goes into depth talking about how we need to stay on top of our health. In the book, there are fourteen top minerals that we need to maintain in […]

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