Stress Tips & Lists

According to Kathy Gruver, PhD, health and wellness expert and award-winning author of The Alternative Medicine Cabinet, stress will always be a part of life. But we can control how we react to stress.

In her new book, Conquer Your Stress with Mind/Body Techniques, Gruver explains the stress response, its history, and how it affects us today. She gives practical tips for decreasing the body’s reaction to stress and how using simple mind/body techniques can increase health by lessening tension.

Dr. Gruver offers a treasure trove of easy methods readers can do at home, in her down-to-earth style.  She demystifies the multitude of available professional therapies that you can incorporate into your life.

Fun, fit, and quick-witted, Gruver tells it like it is, in her balanced approach to combining Western and Alternative views. The book is liberally sprinkled with examples from Kathy’s own life, expert friends’ stories, and from her clients’ experiences.

Topics include: Creative Visualization/Guided Imagery … Warning Signs of Stress: Physical, Behavioral, Emotional, Cognitive … BioDots … Affirmations …  Meditation and Mindfulness … Herbs … Pain management … the “How to Stay Sick” list … the “How to Stay Healthy” list, and more – all offered with both scientific and anecdotal information, in Dr. Gruver’s down-to-earth style.

Dr. Kathy Gruver, PhD, LMT, RM

Author of the new books Conquer your Stress with Mind/Body Techniques and Body/Mind Therapies for the Bodyworker

Host of the National TV Series, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet on OTV.
Author of The Alternative Medicine Cabinet, WINNER of the Beverly Hills Book Awards

Natural Health Speaker, Author, Educator and Practitioner
Inspiring you to have better health; Body, Mind and Spirit
Twitter: @klgruver