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Beam Minerals Electrolyze

Electrolyze You!

Sometimes you just need a little Electrolyze power!  Nutrient Optimizer: Natural flavonoids transport nutrients into cells; Powerful Electrolytes: Boosts intercellular communication; Cellular Detoxifier: Transports bio-waste (like viruses) out of the cells; System Balancer: Supports microbiome homeostasis! Sounds like a great boost! BEAM MineralsThe ultimate in electrolytes and micronutrients. BEAM Mineral products deliver completely natural, […]

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Animal Essentials Tranquility Blend

Pet Calm Area!

A natural approach to health for household dogs, cats, and other companion animals are drops away! What animals lack from not being in nature to instinctually gather herbal nutrients they easily get in the brand’s array of supplements developed by the world-renowned author and herbalist, Greg Tilford. It’s alcohol-free, sweet tasting glycerin herbal tincture designed […]

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Roll It On!

Roll on Mindful!Keep this on by your desk!  More Mindful is  mood boosting with essential oils that are proven to help you stay present when it matters most!With lemongrass, basil and cedarwood to clear the mind and promote awareness, and wonderful  scent! Mindful! Anxiety Buster! Might want to use this one if you watch […]

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Deodorizing Soap with Persimmon

Sensitive Soap For Sensitive Skin

Get the only soap bar made in the U.S. with Japanese persimmon extract and that’s made for sensitive skin! Studies show that it eliminates nonenal by 97% compared to only 35% by conventional soaps. It’s even hand crafted by soap artisans in Japan to protect its delicate ingredients meant to leave your skin soft and […]

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Mirai Clinical Pre-soak Laundry Detergent

Extra Fresh Pre-Soak Detergent

Make sure your clothes are extra fresh with Mirai Clinical pre-soak laundry detergent. It contains the tannin found in Japanese Persimmon Extract, that’s been tested to eliminate odor causing compounds and break down nonenal that would otherwise stick to fabrics after laundry washing. It also serves as a deodorizer. Perfect for senior care facilities and […]

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Mirai Clinical Butterfly Face Fashion Mask

Looking fly with a butterfly mask!

Travel in style with Mirai Clinical’s butterfly face mask! The reusable mask is designed to be soft and comfortable to fit your face even with glasses on. No fog with this mask. It even has adjustable earpieces along with a flexible nose piece. The butterfly design featured on the mask is inspired by a world […]

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MDee Organic Lip Liner Red

Mdee for your lips!

Mdee Beauty Sunshine Liquid Matte Lipstick gives that luscious and beautiful color to your lips!  This moisturizing creamy formula is infused with Essential Fatty Acids and Antioxidants to moisturize the lips on a deeper level and helps protect the skin from environmental stressors resulting in a plumper, younger looking-appearance.√ Avocado Oil √ Grape Seed Oil Antioxidants √ Vitamin E √ […]

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Mdee Beauty Pink Passion Lip Gloss

Pamper Your Lips!

Shine baby Shine!  Pretty With Pink, is what you’ll feel when you wear this glossy lip gloss.  Mdee Beauty delivers a beautiful sheen and a rich tint of color for an extremely long-lasting shine.  Tacky texture is what you want for extreme shine and Mdee gives that to you!  Paraben-free, Vitamin E infused formula provides […]

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