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Skinsational Scents Crazy For Mango Body Sugar Scrub

Scrub A Dub!

Exfoliate! Crazy for Mango body sugar scrub is made with 100% Pure Organic Mango Butter it provides deep exfoliation of skin cells and improve skin overall appearance–give this one a try! Your Scrub!

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Whipped Shea Butter Lavender

Break Out The Whip!

A body butter will help you to meet your skin care goal.  With an amazing texture and Lavender scented Shea Butter is relaxing and can improve skin elasticity, which has made it popular with both men and women. Time To Repair!

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VOUS Vitamin


All-natural, free of additives and fillers, gluten-free, meat and dairy free, and non-GMO and GMP-certified – The Doc wanted you to have a personalized vitamin targeting the nutrients each person needs individually! VOUS!

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What you need to know as supplement usage skyrockets

Written By: Dr. Emek Blair, founder of Valimenta Labs and CELLg8 & Award-Winning Chemist For many Americans, health and wellness have taken priority during the pandemic. Reports show dietary supplement sales skyrocketing – up by as much as 51.2% in March 2020 alone in an attempt to “combat COVID” and stay healthy. However, supplements are […]

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Routine Dietary Supplement

Get into a ROUTINE!

Routine to your everyday is one of the easiest, fastest ways to nourish your body—this women’s probiotic was carefully curated with 5 USA-sourced strains that have been scientifically proven to: Improve gut health; Boost immunity; Balance vaginal health; Promote healthy weight;Relieve stress and anxiety…well done! > Your ROUTINE!

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Hearts of Palm by Chef Nicola Carro

Chef Nicola Carro Hearts of Palm!

Put together so tastefully! Enjoy the recipes of Chef Nicola Carro with 80 Hearts of Palm creations!  Natural Heaven nails it with Italian Chef, Nicola Carro, owner of an Italian restaurant with his twin brother in Miami, Florida.

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Shore Joy!

Barry Shore (known as the “Ambassador of JOY”) is a Philanthropist, Serial Entrepreneur (with 2 multi-million dollar exits and 3 issued patents), Former Quadriplegic, Swimmer, Speaker, Author, and Podcaster – Get on the Shore Joy thinking!!

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Beam Minerals Electrolyze

Electrolyze You!

Sometimes you just need a little Electrolyze power!  Nutrient Optimizer: Natural flavonoids transport nutrients into cells; Powerful Electrolytes: Boosts intercellular communication; Cellular Detoxifier: Transports bio-waste (like viruses) out of the cells; System Balancer: Supports microbiome homeostasis! Sounds like a great boost! BEAM MineralsThe ultimate in electrolytes and micronutrients. BEAM Mineral products deliver completely natural, […]

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