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Don’t Itch, Take A Pill!

Eczema Pill LOMALUX

The tagline says it all… Healthy Skin From Within™!  Dermatologist perfected a skin clearing mineral technology that clears Eczema, relieves itchy skin & promotes skin health. NO harsh chemicals, steroids, or antihistamines.

All Natural. Vegan. Steroid Free. Gluten Free. Lactose Free. Cruelty Free. Antihistamine Free. LOMALUX must have the secret sauce!

Don’t suffer, give it a trial!


First, watch this great video, you’ll want to do what Maggie Q. is doing!

Your health is what truly matters… from the inside out–ACTIVATEDYOU™ knows this! Your digestive system relies on you to do the right thing, AY is here to help!

So what will it be…check it out below and get your own video going, you’ll have the energy to get it done!

Advanced Restorative Probiotic †

(30 Strain Probiotic)

Morning Complete®†

Daily Wellness Drink

M E N O P A U S E!

Truly helpful to eat right during holidays…and this will help!

Going through Menopause is not an easy part of life, but there’s great resources like “Weight Loss Plan for Menopause” by Yara Green!

It’s a cookbook and informative handbook in one – that you’ll feel relieved to stay ahead of symptoms that shouldn’t change the course of your day!

The book has definitions that some might already be familiar with, otherwise a great learning tool.

Think of your family and friends and pop on BN to order!

Fantastic Plantastic!

A plant-based diet, can you imagine how good you will feel?  It’s real and it’s here for you thanks to GWEN KENNEALLY.  A true inspiration from Lentils to Zucchini, Gazpacho to Asparagus…The Plantastic Cookbook is right in tune with our rapidly changing world yearning for sustainablility and accountability.  

A wonderful tasty gift or for your cookbook collection to break out and plan easy to follow delicious meals!

Do not, I repeat, do not forget Papa’s Chocolate Avocado Pudding…this is a invite your friends over and enjoy!

Silky All Day!

J.R.LIGGETT’S®  BODY OIL IN A BAR™ is fantastic! Natural, “REFILL BAR” – reuse the Bamboo Wafer – Zero Waste, Recyclable, Sustainable, Biodegradable, and Eco-friendly is brilliant!

Get moisturized without greasy and oily residue on your face or body!

Love to see this in gift baskets, stocking stuffers and on your shopping list…why because it’s a thoughtful gift or a pamper yourself good one!


BTMS, Cytel Alcohol, Cocco Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, D-panthenol, Optiphen, Lavender Oil,  Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Marula Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil.

A Secret Ingredient!

There’s a secret, and it’s out to shock your taste buds in a delicious way!

Sweet with Heat, how fun to have these out on the table and invite friends to try them! So festive, fun and delicious…packs the heat!

A fiery fig, you’ll have these jellies top of mind to really wake up your senses and fulfill your crave for sweet and hot in one!

I know I’d love to get these as a gift – share the fire, share the love!

Includes: Hell Fire, Fiery Figs, Passion Fire, Guava Brava pepper jellies

It’s time to shop!

Distracted? Asher is near!

Mark M. Bello is back with a new children’s picture book, “What Should I Do, One Thing or Two? Asher’s Distracted Lesson.” Under his Em M. Bee pseudonym, Asher is recognized as an Em M. Bee safety book—a great way for children to learn about making safe choices in life.

Mark M. Bello is passionate about helping children prepare for the “real world” through his storytelling, offering insight into and lessons about the dangers of distracted driving and other activities. “Doing two things at once doesn’t always work best,” Asher warns. With the help of illustrator M.T. Falgoust, this story will engage children while teaching them important lessons, all through Asher’s adventure.

Introduce your child to a world where important safety and social justice messages are delivered in child-friendly, enjoyable stories-in-rhyme that kids will want to read over and over again. Bee’s previous children’s book, Happy Jack-Sad Jack, A Bullying Story, received a “Readers Favorite Book Award” and a prestigious “Mom’s Choice Gold Award”. What Should I do, One Thing or Two? just received Mom’s Choice Gold, as well, and is becoming a favorite in schools all over the country.

Be the first to read “What Should I do, One Thing or Two? Asher’s Distracted Lesson,” coming soon!

Get Smart with Dr. H!

Flare Up? That annoying rash, flaking, itch – Dermatitis, Eczema, Rosacea and Psoriasis, it’s a fight and you’ll need to arm yourself accordingly. Help your immune fight, help bad bacteria go away…Dermatologist formulated/developed and states a 95% success rate, that’s a great combination to give SmartLotion a try!

As with any products you may have a concern or question, always consult your dermatologist for diagnosis, supervision and treatment.