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Sticks, Strips and Bites!

Flavorful Meat gets a WOW! Careful, you’ll want to down the entire package 😉

No matter where you are, quick, easy and delightful snacking! These are perfect sitting by the pool, road trips or the great outdoor excursions that pack a high protein (30g protein per pouch) and low sugar punch for anyone!

With 4.5 oz. of 100% natural beef and flavors like Nashville Hot, Cranberry Bacon, Cinnamon Apple, Zesty Garlic, Buffalo, Chili Cheese, Original, Teriyaki, Jalapeno Cheese, Maple Sausage, Jalapeno, and BBQ – all bursting with flavor.

Apex Meat Snacks are gluten-free, keto-friendly, and made with fewer ingredients than most snack sticks, ensuring a cleaner, healthier snack option…get some packs!

Brilliant and Delicious!

Get your protein and have your cake too! Start your day with a wish and protein. Why not, break out a candle, you deserve it all! Once you taste these, knowing you’re getting what your body needs and enjoying it…you’ll be hooked! Yum!

A beautiful heartfelt compliment to all their loyal Birthday Cake Protein Cupcake fans, we just had to re-share…great job! Let’s help those next anniversaries of success – https://bowmarnutrition.com/pages/birthday