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Crisp Urthy Scents!

Urthy Scents – clean burning candles, high quality natural scents curating a mood!

A perfect “Urthy” glow to delight your senses, mood and create a warm ambiance! Get cozy, breathe and relax!

Free of toxins, parabens, and phthalates with scents from Jasmine, Sandalwood, Vanilla and more, explore all the inviting products that make for a great gift anytime or better yet, treat yourself – you deserve Urthy! Visit today: https://urthyscents.com/

Every Hour is Witching Hour for Navigating Naturally Through A Toxic World

For a stunning entrance into any room, Sea Witch Botanicals hand-poured candles are all-natural and scented ONLY with essential oils and plant-derived waxes…to be enjoyed by all!

Sea Witch Botanicals believe in incense without the headaches, soap without the fillers, and skincare without the endorcrine disruptors…finally someone truly understands the headache factor!

Sea Witch Botanicals All-Natural Essential Oil Candles

Incense: All-Natural Camphor, Rose Geranium, Herbs & Spices – endless, collect them all!

Sea Witch Botanicals Solid Perfumes

Absolutely love the scents offered: Check them out starting with: Green Fairy and more!

Visit all Sea Witch Botanicals offers: https://seawitchbotanicals.com/

International Restaurant & Foodservice Show March 5-7 in New York City

Ser.vi steals the show…Plato too! Ser.vi Worldwide aim to revolutionize how restaurants and hotels serve their customers. With Ser.vi’s high quality, mobile restaurant menu that takes orders, payments, and automatically prints tickets in the kitchen or bar, restaurants can save up to 60% on front of house staff costs while alleviating workload. 

DietarySupplementNews.com spoke with numerous exhibitors and the main takeaway was that they were there! All put in such great efforts, expenses and time to create a welcoming atmosphere to learn and meet many in the food industry and beyond! Being part of such a terrific industry event–educating on services, products and experiences DSN truly enjoyed the experience!

Food, drinks, spices, breads, juice…the rows were full of delight! As part of the combined fun, COFFEE FEST! Wow, sampling was “energetic” and of course, super thrill sponsor to many, RED BULL!

Then many talents “behind the scenes” from packaging, design, machines to supplies!

Fun Influencers walking around capturing attention…can you tell?

Whether you are in the business or just want to learn about the business, definitely try to attend the next show…and go hungry!

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From green tea to black tea, a convivial moment to enjoy together

“Tea at Santacroce Palace” meetings tell the story of tea, and how to taste it!

Black tea is a plant that originates in China. It harvests the leaf, the apical bud, which is less bitter. The lower leaves tend to produce a more bitter drink.

These are some of the anecdotes told in the meeting “Tea at Palazzo Santacroce,” which took place at the Grand Hotel in San Gemini (Terni).

“Tea in the beginning was a drink of the noble classes, so much so that the emperor charged in tea. It had to be picked by virgin girls who wore gloves,” said Antonello Biancalana, tea taster and expert and founder of the DiWineTaste website. “The name of the plant from which the tea is made is a camellia.

Green tea retains multiple properties. The entire Chinese pharmacopoeia used it for medicinal purposes. Early research pointed out that it made people stay awake. It contains caffeine, theophylline and theobromine – also found in cocoa. These three substances create excitement: but tea’s effect varies depending on how it is prepared and how it is made.

To taste tea, is also to rediscover the senses, which we are often unaccustomed to using, when in fact they are vectors of emotions to be enhanced. Both tea and wine are useful in this sense, because they need a different emotional understanding to be discovered. Tea-a beverage that has more than 5,000 years of history-embraces the youth of every age.

Sipping tea-as in the meeting “Tea at Palazzo Santacroce”-emulates the English Afternoon Tea, whose tradition began in the mid-19th century, and which was born as a reason for gathering. The appointments are a rediscovery of taste, to get together over a cup of tea, enhancing a convivial moment.

The other meetings will take place in the coming weeks (all information at https://www.grandhotelsangemini.com/appuntamenti/), so you can get closer to the refinement of tea tasting.

“Tea at Palazzo Santacroce” is organized by the Tacconi-Ottelio group, and the Grand Hotel San Gemini.

Palazzo Santacroce – Grand Hotel San Gemini

Via Duomo, 4 – San Gemini (Terni) Italy

T. +39 0744 243454

Per informazioni:

Ufficio Stampa Gruppo Tacconi-Ottelio Email: [email protected]

T.: +39 0744 243454


Castello Del Poggio Strawberry Kiss


Hey baby, how ’bout a Strawberry Kiss? Delightfully tasting splash of fruity summer in a glass! Love that it’s gluten-free, vegan-friendly, dairy-free and that it’s sustainably made in Northern Italy. Ciao Sweet Life! Ciao Castello Del Poggio!

About Castello Del Poggio:
Say Hello Poggio™ to the sweeter things in life with Castello Del Poggio wines. Castello Del Poggio is an Italian winery, which once stood as an ancient medieval fortress based in the Asti, Piedmont region of Northern Italy, owned by ZONIN1821. Since 1699, the fortress where the Knights Templar once lived and protected the estate in the 14th century is now devoted to its deeply aromatic, welcoming wines for every occasion. Known for its authentic Italian varietals and their light, flavorful and refreshing sweet wines, Castello del Poggio encourages consumers to enjoy the sweeter things in life. Follow them on Instagram @castellodelpoggio. #HELLOSWEETLIFE

Hair, Male Vanity, & Self Esteem


This humorous personal memoir takes you on one man’s journey from bold to bald – and back again. Headscape by Chris Schroder; A Funny Coming-of (Middle) Age Memoir About Hair, Male Vanity, & Self Esteem – Pick it up on Amazon!


Chris Schroder Profile Pic 2.jpg

Chris Schroder worked for six daily newspapers, serving first as a reporter, then editor, promotions director, creative director and advertising director – winning awards in several states for his reporting and print advertisement design. He developed and continues to publish dozens of newsletters and websites across the USA with his digital publishing firm, The 100 Companies. 

Chris is a graduate of the University of Virginia, where he majored in English and was executive editor of The Declaration. He spends his spare time with friends, listening to music, hiking, biking and golfing – and his favorite activity – visiting with wife Jan and their four children and four grandchildren.

For more information visit: Headscape.me