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Mighty Flour!

Baking? Go GLUTEN FREE so everyone can enjoy…and don’t be shy on the flour it’s non-GMO verified and free from key allergens!

Mightylicious difference? Here’s what they say: Other brands contain grains like buckwheat and amaranth, which are fine for cooking but leave baked goods with a noticeable taste and gritty texture. These game-changers are made from top-quality, superfine rice flour for a neutral flavor. Milled specifically for baking, they deliver a soft, airy texture to all your favorite recipes. Sound good? Start your ovens!

All three certified gluten-free varieties are kosher, non-GMO verified, and free from key allergens:
All-Purpose Flour (MSRP $8.99 )
Vegan All-Purpose Flour (MSRP $8.99 )
Vegan Chocolate Brownie Mix (MSRP $8.99 )

Link to where product can be purchased: https://mightylicious.com/collections/flours-mixes

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    REVEKA NEXT LEVEL SKINCARE – Woman + Veteran Owned, Made in USA

    Bar-in-hand to lather up and feel the natural and stimulating…clean! Soap is made with tea tree, peppermint, shea butter, and  magnesium chloride from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed for skin benefits.

    Promotes new tissue growth, soothes and makes it glow and alleviates common skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis & acne!

    Reveka products are crafted with clean ingredients including no preservatives or dyes! Shopping…here’s a great gift!

    Evo Yes!

    Hemp It Up! Delicious and Non GMO Protein Bars!

    Evo packs a complete food source in a nutrition bar made with quality ingredients including hemp seeds, cashew butter and chocolate chips.

    A quick snack on the go, emergency supplies, start your day or a pick me up! Whatever the case is have some Birthday Cake!


    Supports BIPOC Farmers.

    Fuel for Dad!


    Fuel Ox® Infinity Lube™  Super Spray: $21.99

    Here’s something to add as an extra gift for Dad! The newest, safest, most efficient, eco-friendly, and mind-blowing lubricant on the market is adding “cool, fun, Father’s Day gift” to its seemingly endless lists of ‘Check This Out’s… and- as an added perk- Fuel Ox® Infinity Lube Super Spray is under $25.     




    1. Super Spray $21.99
    2. Super Spray + Fuel Ox 8oz – originally $60.98 promotional price $51.83
    3. Super Spray + Fuel Ox 8oz + Friction Eliminator – originally $90.97 promotional price $77.32

    A plant-based super spray that can knock out all of the house, car and work to-dos faster than any other product AND is safe to use around food surfaces! In fact, its NSF- and USDA-certified.


    Wiley Wallaby Knows Licorice!

    Wiley Wallaby Licorice (Gluten-Free Varieties)

    Let your taste buds sing and grab delicious flavors, Very Berry or Watermelon licorice that is gluten-free and has less sugar than other brands.

    Wiley Wallaby soft and chewy licorice are gluten-free, contain only 1g of sugar and the perfect fun snack by the pool, watching a movie or making that summer vacation drive!

    They are thick, chunky and super-soft – the gourmet of licorice!

    Wiley Wallaby: Gourmet Licorice

    Better Butter!

    Oat Boss Granola Butter

    Oat Boss Granola Butter 

    Nut-Free seekers that want a spread they can live with…literally!

    Delicious Oat Boss Granola Butter, Free of the top 8 Allergens, is a delightful & creamy healthy alternative to nut & seed butters. Granola Butter is a delicious fiber-rich fusion of the wholesome goodness of granola and the creamy indulgence of a spread.


    With 6 delicious varieties, including Original, Blueberry Muffin, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Fudge, Donut and Shortbread and only 6 grams of sugar per serving, spread it on!

    100% Nut & Seed Free, 100% Gluten Free, Soy Free & Non-GMO. Learn more at www.oatboss.com.

    Always a great time for Popcorn!

    Sweet Chaos Dill Pickle Popcorn
    Sweet Chaos Dill Pickle Popcorn

    Excite your taste buds with Dill Pickle Sweet Chaos Popcorn for a delicious new snack!

    A certified gluten-free hand popped kernels in coconut oil for a creamy richness while skipping the nasty, artificial stuff.

    In addition to NEW Dill Pickle (made with real dill & vinegar), exciting flavors include Sea Salt, Kettle Corn, Movie Theater Butter, Jalapeno Blue Cheese, and White Cheddar.  https://sweetchaos.com/popcorn/

    POW-erful Protein

    Meckenzy and Parker knock it out of the park…they weren’t kidding when they say, “YOU will love both the flavor and ingredients!” Break out the milk and enjoy!

    Rich chocolatey flavor that your kids will love with ingredients that YOU will love!

    • 18g protein 
    • No added sugar
    • Organic ingredients
    • Grass fed whey protein 
    • Added choline to foster brain development 
    • Added calcium and vitamin D for teeth and bone strength 

    Chocolate or Passionberry! https://powkidshealth.com/pages/about-us

    What’s Your Superpower?

    “The Cape Escape: Redefining Your Superpowers” by Dr. Gigi Hamilton, an accomplished Entrepreneur, Organizational Psychologist, Licensed Psychotherapist, and a Clinical Professor. Dr. Gigi brings a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and insight to “The Cape Escape” and dives deep into the complex tapestry of expectations placed on women, weaving through the lessons imprinted from girlhood to the multifaceted challenges of adult life.

    Dr. Gigi has a unique blend of her expertise, while skillfully guiding readers through a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.  On Amazon!

    Time For The Bar!

    J.R. Liggett's Shampoo and Conditioner
    J.R. Liggett’s Shampoo and Conditioner

    That’s a ‘Bar’ of Shampoo and Conditioner! Great lather soap that really is hands on and silky conditioning with all natural ingredients all the way through your shower or bath.

    Definitely have these for your guest shower as a great lasting experience and watch them get hooked on the ‘bar.’

    Many selections from Coconut & Argan Oil to Tea Tree & Hemp Oil https://jrliggett.com/shampoo-bars/ check it out and pamper yourself.