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Myprotein introduces THE Neuro Restore and THE Neuro Engage
Introducing THE Neuro Engage and Restore, new nootropic supplements from Europe’s number 1 sports nutrition site, These US-specific products mark Myprotein coming to America. Whether at home, in the office or in the gym, these brain supplements are proven to fuel your ambition, whatever your goal. A dual package of nootropic ingredients or “brain enhancers”, THE Neuro Range comes complete with THE Neuro Engage and THE Neuro Restore, premium PRO-RANGE products in pill form. Buy together or separately.

A Gap In Your Diet!

Using the Gaps Diet by Signe Gad is so useful! The large variety of healthy recipes right at your fingertips is a dream for anyone looking for a healthier eating lifestyle.

Eating healthy could be this easy, flipping through over 170 recipes.

After cooking and trying many of the foods from this book, it gives you an emotionally stable feeling.

For anyone that struggles with mental health issues, but did not realize that the food ingesting plays a major part in how you feel on a daily basis, this book is an eye opener.

Check out their Fish Lasagna step-by-step recipe.  Adding lemon zest really enhances the flavor.

This is definitely a “recommend this book to anyone” looking to change to healthier eating with ease.

Reviewed by Jaimie Ivers

Slim Up, Slim Down!

How powering up with the right foods slim you down for that perfect bikini body:
It’s a common misperception that you have to eat less to lose weight.  In fact, eating fewer meals lowers your metabolism and makes it hard to get those last few pounds off viagra generika kaufen.
To rev up your metabolism and burn fat, it’s best to eat 5-6 meals a day consisting of 20-25 grams of lean protein, 20-25 grams of simple carbs such as those found in non-root vegetables such as asparagus, brussel sprouts, kale, spinach, zucchini, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, watercress, eggplant, and lettuce.  Good fats like olive oil, coconut oil are calorie-dense and should be used sparingly.  ~Dr. Mylaine Riobe, Author of The Tao of Integrative Medicine and The Answer to Cancer

T Genix – Let’s get it on!

T Genix is a blend of 7 herbal ingredients that help promote a healthy and active lifestyle, and normal testosterone levels. Men want to stay active and keep their muscle mass-and even increase it.   Men want to transform their bodies, and reinvigorate their lives.  Now, they don’t have to let age, diet, and stress stand in the way.

Be active and don’t let anything get in your way…and now thanks to T Genix, you can have that extra drive you need. gives this product two thumbs up!

Oh Honey Stinger!

Anyone… that is on a Gluten-Free lifestyle…you need to try these!  Taste is delicious and these stinger gems will get you going!  The packaging is convenient for tossing in your bag or pouch when you’re heading out…

Anytime… of day!  Breakfast…An Organic Maple Waffle with a cup of tea…bingo!  Snack on the go?  Yep!

Anywhere… !  So good, you might just take them into the movies with you!

Honey Stinger — Gluten-Free Waffles, Energy Gel & Protein Chews it’s a one stop shop for athletes too!  I noticed that they have some great sponsorships stingerbuzzz –pass that on too!

You have to check out the entire selection:

DietarySupplementNews just got stung!

Tru Protein

Many weekend warriors and everyday fitness enthusiasts want to make good choices when it comes to supplementation – but the world of sports nutrition can be intimidating.  trusource™, a new fitness nutrition brand is aiming to make protein supplementation more simple, accessible and unintimidating for “real” people.

We got our hands on the Trusource product line and are pleased to share our thoughts. First, the packaging is definitely different from your typical sports nutrition brands – powders are much more manageable than the standard giant tubs, and RTD bottles have good shelf-appeal. The labeling is simple and clear – and directs users to the Trusource website.  There, I found a convenient protein calculator to help me determine how much protein I should get per day. Here’s how my recommended intake was calculated: .5g of protein x 175lbs = 87.5g of protein per-day.

Hitting that number is pretty easy with the great-tasting selection of Trusource products.  There’s light and refreshing Protein Water.  There’s tasty Anytime Protein & Protein +Energy (my fav!) and then there’s Protein Java, which is a great idea!  It’s a ready-to-drink iced coffee beverage packed with 16 grams of protein and caffeine, with only 100 calories and four grams of sugar.


The Trusource website also provides easy-to-make recipes featuring their protein products. Your diet won’t be boring with these shakes, desserts and protein-packed pancakes. Before or after your workout, a go-to-source is Trusource: give this a thumbs up!




It’s Not a Craze, It’s Crave!

Why settle for protein substitutes like Whey and Soy Protein when you can have real chicken protein with Crave Protein? Crave is like no other because it is high quality protein from actual WHOLE FOOD. It comes in a ready-to-eat powder form so you can get the protein you need in the most efficient and quickest way possible. You might be thinking, “Gross, I don’t want a protein drink that tastes like chicken!”


Well, guess what? It doesn’t! Crave Protein comes in a delicious fruit punch flavor that has no reminisce of chicken whatsoever. In addition to its convenience and great-tasting flavor, Crave Protein RCP (Real Chicken Protein) is free of highly processed isolates, chemicals and common allergens. Crave is also highly bioavailable, a complete amino acid profile and it supports healthy strong muscles. The bottom line is, “If you crave muscle, if you crave strength, if you crave results…Crave Protein!”

We are so glad there is a powdered form of protein that not only tastes great, but is also packed with quality ingredients and supports a healthy life style. Crave Protein is sure to replace other protein competitors that overpromise and under-deliver.

Written by Morgan Nimmons

Amazing Flavor, Amazing Grass!

Everyone is looking for that Amazing Grass™–guess what,  Amazing Grass™ is avaiable!  Some say it’s the nation’s leading brand of plant-based, certified organic, green whole food supplements.  Tasty, and a hit flavor, Café Mocha.

There is organic caffeine in every serving, as they list in their ingredients, and Amazing Meal Café Mocha is also a protein-packed way to get an all-natural, plant-based boost of energy with the decadent flavors of chocolate and coffee.

The Café Mocha is a USDA-certified three-in-one protein and meal supplement offering 100 percent whole food nutrition mixes made with a blend of certified all-organic plant-based proteins, fruits and vegetables.

Certified organic, vegan, raw and dairy-, gluten- and soy-free, each serving of Amazing Meal offers 10 grams of complete protein, six grams of soluble and insoluble fiber to help balance blood sugar, improve digestion and promote healthy intestinal flora, and five servings of antioxidant-rich superfoods.

Whaooo, only 90 calories, each serving is also equivalent to five servings of fruits and vegetables, and includes the same protein as three egg whites, all while boosting energy levels and the immune system, and supporting healthy weight management.

An amazing start to your day!

Zego Where I Go!

Gluten Free, hear that alot these days?

What about food allergies and trying to be sugar free!

More and more awareness of what we eat is prominent and creating some perfect snacks that mght be all that!

ZEGO bars are brand new allergy-friendly energy bars that are delicious and nutritious.  They are called “A HIGHER BAR” because they combine the following:  No Gluten, no nuts, no soy and no dairy, 10g of protein in every bar, but not a lot of sugar. They are vegan, made from organic sunflower seeds, and come in two delicious flavors – Chocolate with a cacao nib crunch, and Sunflower with a hint of caramel. ZEGO bars are great for anyone with food allergies, parents looking for a healthy snack for their kids, athletes outdoors and in the gym, busy adults in the workplace, and anyone on the go.

ZEGO was founded by Jonathan Shambroom, a competitive athlete and seven-time technology startup veteran, and Colleen Kavanagh, a pioneering child nutrition advocate and parent.  Jonathan and Colleen started ZEGO in response to the increasing need for nutritious and convenient, protein-rich snacks that will not trigger food sensitivities or cause digestive problems.  ZEGO is also committed to giving back to the community, and contributes 20% of profits to Campaign for Better Nutrition, a charity devoted to improving nutrition for low income children.