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Keep Food Fresh Longer in the Fridge with this Easy Hack!

For anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle by eating more fruits, vegetables and lean meats, one frustrating byproduct is the amount of food that has to be thrown out because it goes bad – either as a result of over-purchasing or the short shelf life of non-processed foods.  Accompanying this waste is a steep financial cost, which by some estimates can amount to $2,000 each year for an average family of four.

According to a May 2019 FDA issue of “Food Facts” on the topic of reducing food waste and maintaining food safety, Americans throw out the “equivalent of $165 billion in food each year.”  The bulletin goes on to state that “between 30 and 40 percent of food in the United States goes uneaten – as much as 20 pounds of food per person per month.”

If this weren’t bad enough, food waste is just another tax on the environment.  With more than 127 million estimated households in the US alone, it adds up.

“Each year getting food to U.S. tables requires 80 percent of our freshwater, 10 percent of our available energy, and half of our land.  Organic waste, mostly food, is the second biggest component of landfills, and landfills are the third largest source of methane emissions… [which are] a major factor in global warming,” states the FDA document.

Although buying too much food contributes to such waste – a problem exacerbated by super-sized, bulk food offerings from club stores – so does the normal day-to-day operation of the refrigerator.  Every time the door is opened, warm air rushes in and combines with cold air to create moisture.  Too much heat and excessive moisture spoils food prematurely, creates strong odors and even causes the refrigerator to work harder and use more energy.

“Based on 20 years of food service experience, I have found that too much moisture, water vapor or heat in the fridge will accelerate decay and lead to mold or bacteria growth,” says Doug Lynch, Executive Chef and Food/Beverage Service Manager at The Salvation Army’s Redwood Glen Camp and Conference Center in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains.  “Keeping the refrigerator drier and colder keeps everything fresh longer.”

Despite his background as a chef, Lynch and his vegan wife still found themselves throwing out too much produce from their home refrigerator because it went bad prematurely.

“No matter how well we planned, we threw out about 20% of our produce because it went bad before we consumed it,” says Lynch.  “The waste was costing us at least $40 a week and more than $2,000 a year.”

The challenge is that most fruit emits ethylene gas while ripening, which accumulates in the fridge.  This gas damages other fruits and vegetables, causing decay, yellowing, wilting, odor, loss of crunch, and rind breakdown.

Unfortunately, products that have been used for decades to eliminate odors in refrigerators, such as baking soda, do nothing to prevent food spoilage. 

However, Lynch says when he started using a new, all-natural, volcanic mineral filter product called Polar Fresh® from Humidity Control Systems, Inc. his food stayed noticeably fresher longer. Lynch had been successfully using the commercial sized filters in the walk-in refrigerator at his work and was happy to learn the company also developed a home-sized version that absorbs the ethylene gas, excess moisture, and odor found in most home refrigerators.

“Since we started using the product in our home, our produce lasts about a week longer and we have cut spoilage by at least 15%,” he adds. “Now we grocery shop every other week, instead of every week, which saves us time.”

The filter, which takes up as much room as an average drinking glass, is comprised of a special blend of “activated” zeolite, which is a natural volcanic mineral.  The mineral’s non-soluble, crystalline structure has microscopic channels that allow air to flow through.  Simultaneously, the negative ionic charge of the zeolite attracts and holds ethylene gas, vapors, odors, excess moisture, and airborne contaminants.

Decreasing water vapor and excess moisture also inhibit mold and bacteria growth that can accelerate spoilage and even cause food poisoning. On the flip side, if the air in the refrigerator is too dry, the zeolite will release purified moisture back into the air. This helps to maintain optimal humidity levels for food freshness within the refrigerator.

The zeolite minerals can even help the refrigerator to not work as hard to maintain the desired temperature.  Because heat exchange occurs within the zeolite mineral, the temperature is lowered by 1-3 degrees.  In doing so, the refrigerator uses less electricity and energy savings can be as much as 10%.

“Our home fridge seems colder, and the air compressor runs less often, so we are seeing some energy savings too,” says Lynch.

The Polar Fresh® product comes in a hexagonal shaped box to allow as much air flow to the zeolite minerals, even when tucked in a corner or near other food items.  Each filter lasts a full 3 months. 

Going Green Starts at Home

While eating healthier, fresher food is becoming a priority for many, premature spoilage and sheer wastefulness has been a frustrating part of the healthy food revolution.  Consumers are looking to go beyond familiar options like baking soda which are not effective in keeping food fresher longer and searching for a real solution.

This simple hack of using Polar Fresh®, all-natural fridge filters to deter food spoilage and save energy, can not only help save the environment but can help us continue on our path to living a healthier lifestyle.

For more info, visit or call 888.900.COLD (2653) Toll Free; Fax: 775.246.2005

By Del Williams

Del Williams is a technical writer based in Torrance, California.

He writes about health, business, technology, and educational issues,

and has an M.A. in English from C.S.U. Dominguez Hills.

Give me a Gummie Smile!

Gummy vitamins make health fun!

Taking a MegaFood supplement and putting it in chewable gummy vitamin format is a no brainer! 

Dedicated to producing the highest quality supplements, the brand’s latest innovation is the first certified Glyphosate Residue Free (GRF) gummy vitamin in the marketplace. The new gummies are made with real food sourced from MegaFood Farm Fresh Partners, including Uncle Matt’s®Organic, Kauai Organic Farms, and James Lake Farms.

MegaFood Gummies are Organic, Non-GMO, Certified Glyphosate Residue Free, deliver a range of health-promoting compounds in four delicious flavors, including:

  • B12 Energy Cranberry Gummies—Crisp Wisconsin cranberries from James Lake Farms give these gummies a sweetly tart, real berry taste. Each serving contains essential B12 vitamins to help promote energy levels*, making these gummies perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up.
  • B12 Energy Ginger Gummies—Designed to support the body’s energy levels* with B12, these gummies get their distinctive, real ginger taste from Kauai Organic Farms’ ginger root.
  • D3 Wellness Mixed Fruit Gummies—Fresh Florida oranges, sweet Quebec blueberries, tangy Wisconsin cranberries, and spicy Kauai ginger come together to create a mouthwatering flavor you’ll look forward to eating every day. Vitamin D3 helps to support bone, muscle and immune health*.
  • C Defense Tangy Citrus Gummies—Packed with vitamin C to support immune health*, these gummies get their bright burst of real citrus flavor from farm-fresh Florida oranges from Uncle Matt’s Organic.

Give healthy gummy vitamins a try!

A Gap In Your Diet!

Using the Gaps Diet by Signe Gad is so useful! The large variety of healthy recipes right at your fingertips is a dream for anyone looking for a healthier eating lifestyle.

Eating healthy could be this easy, flipping through over 170 recipes.

After cooking and trying many of the foods from this book, it gives you an emotionally stable feeling.

For anyone that struggles with mental health issues, but did not realize that the food ingesting plays a major part in how you feel on a daily basis, this book is an eye opener.

Check out their Fish Lasagna step-by-step recipe.  Adding lemon zest really enhances the flavor.

This is definitely a “recommend this book to anyone” looking to change to healthier eating with ease.

Reviewed by Jaimie Ivers

O What a relief…


This book is a guided program for Gastric Relief. Theres no identifiable cause nor a known cure to these symptoms.But with these series of diet you will be able control and manage the way you feel. It is a step by step program which helps you identify what triggers your symptoms and how to eliminate them. It has delicious recipes and it also give you advice of how to reduce your amount of stress.

Review by Lutcy Vieluf

FODMAP for you!

The Low-FODMAP Solution

Cinizia Cuneo, MSc

With bright and colorful pictures and recipes to match, The Low FODMAP Solution by Ciniza Cuneo makes cooking lively. This book is a key resource for anyone suffering from IBS and abdominal pains. By combining a specific and personalized approach, Ciniza Cuneo’s guide reads like a discussion with a close friend. I really liked the brief explanation of the principles of the LOW FODMAP diet and the weekly chart of exact meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Low FODMAP Solution proves to be a super helpful guide for anyone seeking a healthier life.

Reviewed by Jasmine Lang

T Genix – Let’s get it on!

T Genix is a blend of 7 herbal ingredients that help promote a healthy and active lifestyle, and normal testosterone levels. Men want to stay active and keep their muscle mass-and even increase it.   Men want to transform their bodies, and reinvigorate their lives.  Now, they don’t have to let age, diet, and stress stand in the way.

Be active and don’t let anything get in your way…and now thanks to T Genix, you can have that extra drive you need. gives this product two thumbs up!

Food for thought!

Nature’s Way Alliance

A TRU-ID Certified and NON-GMO  Box of nature that takes you to what matters.  Living life in harmony with our natural surroundings!  Nature’s Way in on a mission and the Rainforest Alliance to conserve biodiversity and foster sustainable livelihoods is it!  They will donate up to $100,000.00 from the sales of their herbal products to that Rainforest Alliance, let’s all do our part…order for your health and for future sustainability! Kudos to Nature’s Way and how they started in 1969 and going strong!

The Beet Goes On!

Beetology Reviews: beet + tropical fruit

When most people think healthy, they associate it with sacrificing taste and enjoyment. This isn’t the case with the 100% cold pressed juice, Beetology. Don’t let the name fool you. I was skeptical at first as well. There are many health benefits to beets, such as being great for the heart, blood pressure, and brain. Despite the high nutritional value of beets, I have always been reluctant to eat them. When I tried Beetology: beet and tropical fruit flavor though, I wanted a second serving. In addition to beet juice, the drink was a sweet blend of coconut, lime, and my favorite, mango. If you are looking for a sweet and refreshing, but healthy beverage for the hot summer days, Beetology is a great option.

Reviewed by Erin McCusker

I knew about the health benefits of beets—fiber, vitamin C, potassium— but I wasn’t crazy about the taste. After trying Beetology’s beet + lemon + ginger juice, I’ve discovered beets can be just as delicious as they are nutritious. The refreshing combination of beets, lemon and ginger tasted great.  I’m planning on trying the other four flavors of Beetology’s 100% cold pressed juice, starting with beet + tropical fruit. Beets have been shown to be good for your heart, brain and blood pressure— between those benefits and Beetology’s delightful taste, this stuff can’t be “beet!”

Reviewed by Annie Ostrander

Better Reveals!




BHG Uncovers How the American Dinner Has Evolved

79% of Women Report Eating Dinner at Home 5+ Nights per Week

Whether you’re setting the table for a family of five or for one, making a meal at home is still high on the priority list. No matter what we’re cooking (or not cooking), we’re doing it smarter and faster, and making it a practice rather than a production. From data collected through Better Homes and Gardens’ Food Factor Study – which has polled more than 2,000 women, age-18 plus, for the past 25 years – BHG reveals insights into the food, shopping, and cooking habits of consumers in the United States. Here is what we found:


  • 79% percent of women typically eat dinner at home five or more nights a week, with 80% saying that cooking is an important part of family traditions, and 74% saying it’s a critical part of how they entertain.


  • More than two-thirds of women in the United States say cooking is a creative outlet for them, and almost 75% regularly experiment and cook new dishes at home.


  • 63% of women like to experiment with regional or ethnic food in their cooking, with 78% always looking to bring new flavors.
  • Exotic ingredients like kimchi, tahini and cotija have become pantry staples for adventurous eaters.


  • 42% of women say they want to eat more healthfully – which means ingredients that are fresh, and meals that contain extra veggies.
  • Today, 59% of women declare they’re eating more healthfully than a few years ago, with 86% saying they try to control the healthfulness of the meals they prepare – making cooking at home more important than ever.


  • Consumers are growing more food at home. An additional five million households report regularly digging in and planting compared to just six years ago.
  • Gardening is the number 1 hobby of women in the United States, with nearly 1 in 5 women reporting that they grow some of their own food, and one-third of millennials reporting that they are growing edibles – whether that’s a small pot of basil on the patio or a few raised beds with a variety of produce.

With this data as a guide, BHG’s Dinner Report shares on-trend recipes, up-and-coming ingredient information, and highlights the dinner-time rituals of foodies including cookbook author Katie Workman, TV host Joanne Weir, and cookbook author Heather Christo.

Living the Mediterranean Diet Lifestyle

Inspired by the cuisines of Italy, Greece, the Middle East, and Northern Africa, Living the Mediterranean Diet incorporates the basics of healthy eating and the healthy way of life that you have always wanted.

Research has shown that the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, strokes risks, and much more thanks to its plant-based foods which improves fiber intake and boosts the quality of life.

With the healthy, creative recipes from Portland, Oregon, authors Nick Nigro and Bay Ewald, with the collaboration of award-winning and nutrition specialist, Rea Frey, you’ll enjoy foods full of cheerful colors and rich aromas such as Chicken Sausage Barley Risotto with Rapini and Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Peppered Swordfish with Warm Chive-Garlic Sauce, Spearmint-Pistachio Gelato, and more.

For decades, people have tried to lose weight by doing extreme diets that are not good for our bodies, but the Mediterranean diet goes beyond the boring calorie-counting. Living the Mediterranean Diet will teach you that everything it’s about being active and in balance. It’s about food making you healthy and happy.

“It is not a ‘diet’ in a traditional sense, but a lifestyle,” explains Nigro and Ewald. “It revolves around healthier, sustainable principles of eating and living.”


For more information, visit their website:

Don’t miss their unique recipes and follow them on:




Written by Iciar Bercian