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FODMAP for you!

The Low-FODMAP Solution

Cinizia Cuneo, MSc

With bright and colorful pictures and recipes to match, The Low FODMAP Solution by Ciniza Cuneo makes cooking lively. This book is a key resource for anyone suffering from IBS and abdominal pains. By combining a specific and personalized approach, Ciniza Cuneo’s guide reads like a discussion with a close friend. I really liked the brief explanation of the principles of the LOW FODMAP diet and the weekly chart of exact meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Low FODMAP Solution proves to be a super helpful guide for anyone seeking a healthier life.

Reviewed by Jasmine Lang

LFS at your service!

What time of day is it?  No worries – you can prepare meals that fit your lifestyle and offer balance with The Low-FODMAP Solution by Cinzia Cuneo, MSc.  This book really guides meal to treat your intestines like a developing baby!  I urge you not to focus on the beautiful images as you’ll wind up in the kitchen all day trying to recreate the delicious and healthy masterpieces. 

End IBS and eat abdominal pain free:  https://www.amazon.com/Low-FODMAP-Solution-Symptoms-Abdominal-Pain/dp/0778805697