Migraine Help Is Here!

Having a Migraine is the worst! From lights to sound, nausea sets in and it’s just horrible…been there! Here’s a product that has a message:

“The brain requires a constant energy supply.

Despite accounting for only about 2% of the body’s weight, it uses approximately 20% of the body’s total energy expenditure.

This high energy requirement is due to the brain’s continuous activity, even at rest, as it maintains vital functions such as breathing, circulation, and the processing of information.

A constant energy supply is therefore essential, any shortfall can cause severe consequences.

When energy levels are low, the brain sends signals forcing energy-preserving behaviors, and a migraine attack is probably the most potent of these signals. 

A migraine attack is among the most potent of these signals.

Studies quantifying brain energy levels show a significant decrease during migraine attacks in sufferers, compared to those levels in healthy individuals (1). 

These and many other studies support the hypothesis that a mismatch between energy availability and energy utilization could be a cornerstone of migraine (234).

In short, the brain gets hungry, but there’ is not enough food in the cupboard!

These and many other studies support the hypothesis that a mismatch between energy availability and energy utilization could be a cornerstone of migraine. 

Thank you Dr. Elena Gross, PhD!

Order: https://www.brainritual.com/

Sticks, Strips and Bites!

Flavorful Meat gets a WOW! Careful, you’ll want to down the entire package 😉

No matter where you are, quick, easy and delightful snacking! These are perfect sitting by the pool, road trips or the great outdoor excursions that pack a high protein (30g protein per pouch) and low sugar punch for anyone!

With 4.5 oz. of 100% natural beef and flavors like Nashville Hot, Cranberry Bacon, Cinnamon Apple, Zesty Garlic, Buffalo, Chili Cheese, Original, Teriyaki, Jalapeno Cheese, Maple Sausage, Jalapeno, and BBQ – all bursting with flavor.

Apex Meat Snacks are gluten-free, keto-friendly, and made with fewer ingredients than most snack sticks, ensuring a cleaner, healthier snack option…get some packs!

Over The Moon!

Get your Moon Helmet on and grab a pack of Berry Planet snacks (Turbo Tropicals too) – they are out of this world! Moon Fruit is always made with no added sugar, no artificial preservatives, no artificial colors, and no artificial flavors. This makes them not only convenient and delicious but a fun snack or treat!

Get these on your back to school, Birthday Party, Halloween hand-out or stocking stuffer lists…or plop on the couch watching TV time snack!

Who wouldn’t love to ship some Moon Fruit to put a smile on someone’s face…here’s how: https://moonfruitsnacks.com/products/berry-planet-multipack

Mafia Eats!

Here’s ‘the crew’ Frankie “Spice” Morelli, Dr. Sandra Frank, Ed.D, RDN, FAND, and James “The Raptor” John The MOBB Cookbook & Diet, each brings their respective expertise, experience and generations-old recipes for healthy, family-style Italian cooking with wellness and weight loss in mind. Whether it’s a full meal, snack or dessert, the cookbook is packed with history, entertainment and a good meal!

Right down to the importance of the tomato, and breadcrumb to a sauteed calamari you’ll be dreaming about making again and again, it’s in there.

So, welcome to the family – prepare your meals MOBB-style and have this book in the kitchen on your cookbook stand, as the conversations will add spice to your meals for sure!

Check out the blog https://ourmobb.com/blog and here’s where to order–the delivery of this cookbook will put a smile on anyone’s face!

Preserving…and Healthy!

Your Health is Surfs Up!

Turn to Youtheory® Ocean-Friendly Omega made from plants, not fish. Derived from algae where fish get their omega-3, Ocean-Friendly Omega is a highly-potent and more sustainable source of EPA and DHA. Plus, no fishy aftertaste!

  • 770 mg of plant-based Omega-3s per serving
  • Helps support heart, brain and eye health*
  • No mercury
  • Vegan-friendly
  • No harm to marine life
  • Comes in a recyclable aluminum container

Check it out and more!

Mighty Flour!

Baking? Go GLUTEN FREE so everyone can enjoy…and don’t be shy on the flour it’s non-GMO verified and free from key allergens!

Mightylicious difference? Here’s what they say: Other brands contain grains like buckwheat and amaranth, which are fine for cooking but leave baked goods with a noticeable taste and gritty texture. These game-changers are made from top-quality, superfine rice flour for a neutral flavor. Milled specifically for baking, they deliver a soft, airy texture to all your favorite recipes. Sound good? Start your ovens!

All three certified gluten-free varieties are kosher, non-GMO verified, and free from key allergens:
All-Purpose Flour (MSRP $8.99 )
Vegan All-Purpose Flour (MSRP $8.99 )
Vegan Chocolate Brownie Mix (MSRP $8.99 )

Link to where product can be purchased: https://mightylicious.com/collections/flours-mixes

Mighty Socials: 





    REVEKA NEXT LEVEL SKINCARE – Woman + Veteran Owned, Made in USA

    Bar-in-hand to lather up and feel the natural and stimulating…clean! Soap is made with tea tree, peppermint, shea butter, and  magnesium chloride from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed for skin benefits.

    Promotes new tissue growth, soothes and makes it glow and alleviates common skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis & acne!

    Reveka products are crafted with clean ingredients including no preservatives or dyes! Shopping…here’s a great gift!

    Evo Yes!

    Hemp It Up! Delicious and Non GMO Protein Bars!

    Evo packs a complete food source in a nutrition bar made with quality ingredients including hemp seeds, cashew butter and chocolate chips.

    A quick snack on the go, emergency supplies, start your day or a pick me up! Whatever the case is have some Birthday Cake!


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