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Let’s all go to Neptune!

Neptune Wellness Forest Remedies
Neptune Wellness Forest Remedies

A plant-based multi-omega supplement (Gummies or Softgels) made with Ahiflower – a ground-breaking alternative to fish-oil – and comes in environmentally-friendly compostable packaging – taste great, are highly effective, pose no known marine or ecological threat!

Neptune Wellness supports conservation and reforestation efforts worldwide with every purchase!

Health leads to Neptune!

Look in the Heart Mironova!

Before the month is over…heart health month is not just February…not just a Leap Year thing…it’s everyday!! Think MironovaEGT+!

  • Oxidative stress occurs when there is an imbalance between oxidants and antioxidants in the body. When this imbalance occurs, free radicals are released that alter DNA, proteins, and cholesterol and can trigger harmful reactions that affect cardiovascular health.
  • Oxidative stress is turns LDL cholesterol into its damaging form — oxidized LDL cholesterol. Over time, cumulative damage from oxidative stress of LDL cholesterol can contribute to heart and blood vessel disorders, including atherosclerosis, heart failure, heart attack, and stroke.
  • Nearly 74 million adults (31.7%) in the U.S. have high LDL-cholesterol, or “bad” cholesterol.
  • Ergothioneine is a super antioxidant that can protect against oxidative stress, and the body has a transport system specifically designed to deliver ergothioneine to areas of the body where stress is high and damage can occur.
  • For more than a century, scientists have known about the heart health benefits of ergothioneine but no one has been able to unlock the full potential of the  super antioxidant until now.
  • The human body does not produce ergothioneine and it can be difficult to obtain in your everyday diet.
  • Using breakthrough science, a daily nutritional supplement that contains the highest concentration of ergothioneine available today has been developed to help protect the heart from the damaging effects of oxidative stress.


Mega Healthy Women!

When it comes to your health, the word Mega for a vitamin is certainly an eye catcher!

MegaFlora® offers Women, in various situations and age groups, some overall well-being supplements.

Starting with MegaFood® MegaFlora® for Women:

MegaFlora for Women: Includes Organic Cranberry, a super fruit rich in proanthocyanidins which naturally support urinary tract health, provided by MegaFood farm partner James Lake Farms. The addition of Beet, Burdock and Dandelion Root together nourish existing microbiome and feminine health, and enhance the effectiveness and colonization of the probiotics.

Then there’s:

MegaFlora for Baby & Me: Promotes immune health and nutrient absorption in pregnant mother and child. Organic Ginger, supplied by MegaFood farm partner Kauai Organic Farms, also gently supports digestive function.

And finally:

MegaFlora for Over 50: Contains a broad spectrum of probiotics designed to encourage regularity, healthy bowel function and proper digestion for reduced gas and bloating. Certified Organic Turmeric Root from Kauai Organic Farms also promotes a healthy colon in both men and women.

All of the MegaFlora products contain a signature 14 strain blend, along with additional strains chosen for their clinically-shown ability to offer tangible health benefits to the digestive system, immune health and overall well-being of each unique segment.

Powered by Enzymes!

DietarySupplementNews.com can understand why Enzymedica’s Enzyme NutritionTM Multi-Vitamin was Named Among Top CPG Products for Innovation and Market Impact; it just makes sense.  Our enzymes are working hard, let’s work along with these like miraculous molecules and give our bodies an extra power!



Probiotics is a word being thrown around more and more, so much so, we’re looking for it.  It’s on this bottle, along with other key words for our health; dairy free, soy free, gluten free, certified organic and the infamous NON-GMO!  Working with your food and lifestyle, this is an enhanced deliveryand optimization for all aforementioned.

The Enzymedica supplements are providing major natural chainstores and fine health food stores nationwide.   Their products are made from only the highest quality vegetarian enzymes.

DigestGold GlutenEase DigestSpec

Enzyme Nutrition Multi-vitamins contain enzymes, minerals, probiotics and vitamins in natural form.  This is to ensure that the body recognizes and utilizes the nutrients as whole food, thereby creating a more potent, digestible multi-vitamin; Powered by Enzymes!

These many different formulas support immune function, heart health as well as bone, brain, breast, hormone, hair, skin and nail health, and can also provide an increase in energy and stamina*; they have it covered.





Vitamins Alernative!

When was the last time you have fun taking vitamins?

A new alternative to pills and gummies has arrived.  Bringing back memories of pixie sticks and fun dip, a powdered quick dissolving packet consisting of multivitamins is made for those that might like an alternative to swallowing pills or chewing vitamins.  These little bursts flavor and vitamin packets dissolve quickly and even allign with this fast paced world we live in.

Alternavitesimage Alternavitesimagekids


Sprinkle some health into your day with AlternaVites on the go!




Skinny Trim

Slip into those old skinny jeans with a little help from Water Trim. Water Trim uses plant-based ingredients to support a healthy fluid balance for your body. This may be just the support you need to get those jeans on – in a snap!

Water Trim is provided to you by Pure Health. They are a great company that never adds any harmful or unnecessary binders, fillers, excipients, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, stimulants or other unnecessary ingredients. They always use vegetarian capsules to support the absorption of nutrients in their products.

People everywhere are experiencing the amazing effects of Water Trim!  And those skinny jeans again…

Written By: Daniel Guethon

Delicious Sea-licious!

Sea-licious is the latest and greatest innovation currently taking its rightful place in the fish oil business. From delicious meals to being able to perform at the best of you ability; the endless recipes and physical benefits you can gain from this product are truly fascinating.

The clean, pure taste of Sea- licious Icelandic fish oil in All- Natural Tangerine Lime, Raspberry Lemonade, and Tropical Colada is so delicious you won’t believe its fish oil.  With such great, delicious products why wait any longer? Make a positive change in your life today that will benefit you and your health tomorrow! Being healthy has never tasted so good!

Written by Daniel Guethon

Cocoa Healthy!

CocoaVia®…a one-of-a-kind daily cocoa extract supplement that helps support healthy aging by promoting cardiovascular health. CocoaVia® supplement is made with a concentrated Cocoapro® cocoa extract and delivers 250 milligrams of cocoa flavanols per serving – guaranteeing the highest concentration of cocoa flavanols per serving in a dietary supplement. CocoaVia® supplement was recently recognized in the Delicious Living 2013 Supplement Awards; receiving honorable mention in the heart health category.

The cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia® supplement are powerful phytonutrients (or plant-based nutrients) naturally found in cocoa beans. Decades of research have scientifically proven that cocoa flavanols help support healthy circulation; the heart, brain, muscles, eyes and skin all depend on healthy circulation

CocoaVia® supplement is a powered mix, available in four varieties: unsweetened dark chocolate, sweetened dark chocolate, cran-raspberry and summer citrus flavors. Additional product specifications include:
• 30 calories or less
• No added sugar
• No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
• No saturated fat or cholesterol
• Packaged in convenient single-serving stick packs
• Sold in 10, 15 and 30 count boxes

CocoaVia® supplement is available online at www.cocoavia.com and on shelves at Vitamin World, Wegman’s, and independent natural foods stores nationwide. For more information visit www.CocoaVia.com/retail.

New Natural Supplement Helps Promote Healthy Sugar Metabolism!

New Natural Supplement Helps Promote Healthy Sugar Metabolism!
written by Kirsten Filkill

NuControl is intended for individuals who are concerned about maintaining healthy sensitivity to insulin and blood sugar levels. NuControl’s patent-pending combination of L-leucine, resveratrol and vitamins D and K aim the biological pathways in the body to increase the ability to process glucose. According to research conducted by NuSirt Sciences, the Nashville, Tenn.,-based biotech company that manufactures the supplement NuControl has no known adverse side-effects.

The formulation of NuControl is based on scientific studies by Michael B. Zemel, Ph.d., NuSirt Founder and former Director of the Nutrition Institute at the University of Tennessee. His groundbreaking research centered on the important role of dairy products in both the ability to uphold a healthy average weight and the management of overweight and obesity.

“For more than 30 years, I’ve been researching all-natural solutions for healthy living,” Zemel said. “NuControl is a breakthrough scientific approach to promoting healthy sugar metabolism and natural weight loss.”

In animal studies, NuSirt Sciences showed that resveratrol, in combination with leucine, resulted in dramatic improvement in insulin sensitivity and the ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. “The research breaks new ground in the understanding of metabolic health by showing that specific, novel combinations of all natural compounds–at dosing levels smaller than what was previously believed to be beneficial–have the potential to improve an individual’s metabolic health,” Zemel said.

NuSirt’s approach is to design products targeting health risks such as obesity, diabetes, and inflammation. The business focuses on the mechanisms at work and outcomes, not simply the ingredients. “While other nutraceutical companies seem obsessed over differentiating their berry or oil versus another, we are focused on the science and the clinically-proven benefit to the consumer,” CEO Doug Grindstaff said.

NuControl is available for sale online at www.nucontrol.com. NuSirt Sciences is in negotiations with retailers and distributors to offer the product on retail shelves throughout the United States.


By Amy Howell Hirt

Anyone who has suffered from spinal disc problems can relate to the debilitating pain that Matt White compares to “an electric shock.” But the lawyer, weight lifter and martial arts student would rather they benefit from his experiences. With the assistance of a chiropractor, anesthesiologist and nutraceutical company, White used himself as the ultimate guinea pig and developed a supplement that aims to provide new hope for people looking to avoid surgery and maintain an active lifestyle.

Spine Revitalizer®, a daily supplement that hit the market last month, contains ingredients that, in individual reviews, have demonstrated the potential to promote the health and recovery of herniated or bulging discs and discs weakened due to age, use or instability.

White, who lives in Louisville, Ky., with his wife and three children, began experiencing the intermittent pain and numbness associated with disc deterioration about 10 years ago. First, there was a numb, unusual sensation in his left foot while running. Then the pain extended from his lower back down his leg. Eventually, it became uncomfortable to sit.

“It was sciatica, although I didn’t know it at the time,” White says.

In 2008, he was forced to face the issue head-on, when he suffered a severely herniated, or ruptured, disc that caused temporary paralysis in his leg.

“The doctors basically told me that I needed surgery,” he says.

But White, who was 33 and had three young daughters, had seen the fallout of failed back surgeries – representing countless clients as a personal injury attorney and watching his own father struggle to walk, despite four spine surgeries.

“The surgeon said I probably would never lift weights again. I could swim, but no running, no mountain biking. And I live for that stuff,” White says.

Even successful surgeries run the risk of scar tissue development and can affect the stability of the spine, says White’s friend, Dr. Martin Eason indipill.com. Conversely, nine out of 10 people with herniated discs find pain relief through conservative treatments, including medications and physical therapy, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Although a conservative approach could put him at risk for permanent nerve damage, due to the severity of the herniation, White decided to try rehabilitation and enlisted the help of Eason – an anesthesiologist who specializes in pain management – to generate a list of vitamins, nutrients and dosages with the potential to reduce pain and inflammation and aid in disc repair.

“We looked at the literature to see what has been shown to be effective from a homeopathic approach, but we looked in peer-reviewed journals,”  Eason says.

While there were plenty of glucosamine- and chrondrointin-focused blends on the market targeted to osteoarthritis and bone density, White couldn’t find a supplement that contained everything he needed, so he made his own – fine-tuning the proportions with a nutraceutical firm.

“I would try something for a while and see if it made me feel better,” White says. “Two months later, I was back in the gym with a trainer, lifting weights.”

According to Eason and White, the formula, named neochondromine, contains substrates that support the components of disc creation, like collagen; antioxidants that support healing; and ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin and devil’s claw that can reduce pain and inflammation and help repair cartilage.

David Kern, of Louisville, was introduced to White and the supplement a year ago through mutual friends. Like White, he led an active lifestyle and “wasn’t ready to go under the knife” when disc problems began limiting his performance and enjoyment of tennis and running.

Acupuncture, massage and chiropractic adjustments failed to sufficiently relieve the soreness, weakness and tightness, Kern says, but the supplement brought his pain level down within about two weeks and made a significant difference after about a month.

Kern admits he was initially wary of a possible placebo effect, and suspicious of popping a pill – or, four tablets a day – to cure what ailed him, but says he can’t dispute the positive results – including the ability to comfortably jog or deliver a devastating tennis serve.

“I was sleeping on my floor periodically, it was so bad, and now I really haven’t felt any pain for the last several months,” he says.

White points out that Spine Revitalizer® is not a miracle drug – it’s just one component of a maintenance plan that, for him, includes daily stretching and exercise, steering clear of inflammatory foods like processed sugar and white flour, and smart prevention tactics.

“When I walk into a room, I’ll think about the seating and know that I shouldn’t sit on a particular couch because I’m going to have a hard time getting up,” White says.

For Kern, the freedom from pain has allowed him to improve his core strength and stability, which can help limit future problems, according to experts including the Mayo Clinic.

“This has gotten me to a point where I can help myself,” Kern says. “Before, I was a little afraid of activity.”

While the supplement was developed for disc-related recovery, Eason says it has the potential to help with any cartilage-related problem. His daughter and brother use it to relieve knee pain, and White and Eason are working with veterinarians to investigate its safety and efficacy for reducing arthritis pain in dogs.


Amy Howell Hirt is a freelance writer based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and a contributor to various publications, including Dietary Supplement News, The Business Courier and The Business Journals. She received her B.A. in Journalism from Miami University and has been writing about health and wellness for 12 years.