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POW-erful Protein

Meckenzy and Parker knock it out of the park…they weren’t kidding when they say, “YOU will love both the flavor and ingredients!” Break out the milk and enjoy!

Rich chocolatey flavor that your kids will love with ingredients that YOU will love!

  • 18g protein 
  • No added sugar
  • Organic ingredients
  • Grass fed whey protein 
  • Added choline to foster brain development 
  • Added calcium and vitamin D for teeth and bone strength 

Chocolate or Passionberry! https://powkidshealth.com/pages/about-us

Joe-Le Amazing!

Joe-Le Soap
Joe-Le Soap Small Batch, 100% Natural, Plant-Based, Eczema-Friendly, Artisan, Organic Soaps, Body Butters, Hair Butters & Lip Conditioners

Feel the natural!  Your skin is protecting you, here’s product to protect your skin! All their products are Small Batch, 100% Natural, Plant-Based, Eczema-Friendly, Artisan, Organic Soaps, Body Butters, Hair Butters & Lip Conditioners…will have you become a dedicated Joe-Le user for YOU!

To Le Amazing!

Enof is Never Enof…With Enof!

ENOF (pronounced like “enough”) is a concentrated organic vegetable powder that can be sprinkled over or mixed into anything you and your family eats or drinks. It’s packed with great nutrition—one serving contains up to 60% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamins A, C, D, E and K. The nutrients are delivered right where your body needs them for maximum absorption…all without the struggle of getting you, your spouse or your kids to eat their veggies. ENOF ensures peace of mind and that the consumer is getting the essential nutrients to power through their day. Shake-on nutrition from actual vegetables? Not only is it possible, it is ENOF!  Love ENOF…Stay in touch: https://www.facebook.com/SimplyEnof https://www.instagram.com/enofnutrition/ https://twitter.com/SimplyEnof

ENOF (@SimplyEnof) | TwitterThe latest Tweets from ENOF (@SimplyEnof). Shake-on nutrition from actual vegetables? Not only is it possible, it is ENOF! #nutrition #eatmoreveggiestwitter.com

Click for ENOF! ://www.amazon.com/ENOF-Organic-Veggie-Powder-Supplement/dp/B07VKD7BK4

Namaseed Youraseed!

Let’s get into a routine…how many times have you said that?  Namaseed (www.namaseed.com) is the ultimate detox, and a great way to start!  
BlackSeed Oil has been used for centuries to cure health ailments such as a variety of uses ranging from treating allergic skin reactions to use in hair care…’nuff said!  As a natural detox to the anti-inflammatory effects, the black cumin seed oil helps in fighting obesity and helps people to achieve optimum health.

Namaseed is vegan, gluten-free, organic and certified Kosher.  Here’s some key points to make note!

  • Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, Organic
  • Weight Loss: Increases metabolism, detox for your body
  • Digestive System: Relieves stomach pain & cramps
  • Muscles & Joints: Reduces joint inflammation, enhances muscle recovery
  • Allergies: Can help clear up skin reactions, as well as asthma symptoms
  • Immune System:Strengthens the immune system & protects body from infections
  • Hair: Increases hair growth, strengthens & softens, moisturizes for a healthy scalp
  • Skin: Soften, firm out skin; can also lighten or prevent scarring; Clears up acne & eczema
A little bottle will do yah!

Mega Healthy Women!

When it comes to your health, the word Mega for a vitamin is certainly an eye catcher!

MegaFlora® offers Women, in various situations and age groups, some overall well-being supplements.

Starting with MegaFood® MegaFlora® for Women:

MegaFlora for Women: Includes Organic Cranberry, a super fruit rich in proanthocyanidins which naturally support urinary tract health, provided by MegaFood farm partner James Lake Farms. The addition of Beet, Burdock and Dandelion Root together nourish existing microbiome and feminine health, and enhance the effectiveness and colonization of the probiotics.

Then there’s:

MegaFlora for Baby & Me: Promotes immune health and nutrient absorption in pregnant mother and child. Organic Ginger, supplied by MegaFood farm partner Kauai Organic Farms, also gently supports digestive function.

And finally:

MegaFlora for Over 50: Contains a broad spectrum of probiotics designed to encourage regularity, healthy bowel function and proper digestion for reduced gas and bloating. Certified Organic Turmeric Root from Kauai Organic Farms also promotes a healthy colon in both men and women.

All of the MegaFlora products contain a signature 14 strain blend, along with additional strains chosen for their clinically-shown ability to offer tangible health benefits to the digestive system, immune health and overall well-being of each unique segment.

Superfood Kunachia!

Kunachia® is a superfood blend that combines chia with a probiotic, Chia+Probiotics.   Fabulous!


Kunachia® is an excellent source to sprinkle some health into almost everything your are eating.  Truly a Superfood Blend.  This has Omega-3 Antioxidants and supports  digestive health, bone health and provides protein acheter generique viagra. It doesn’t stop there!  Keep in mind the minerals and calcium.

Here’s some great “seals of approval” on their packaging; certified organic, vegan-friendly, dairy free, gluten free and GMO-free.


Kunachia® combines an ancient superfood and the latest technology to increase health benefits.

The origin is Ecuador from which these blends goes through a strict quality control process from sowing until harvest, cleaning and packaging, avoiding use of pesticides to ensure that the best seeds are distributed and consumed.

Try it in your yogurt or shakes, it’s – again – Fabulous!

Powered by Enzymes!

DietarySupplementNews.com can understand why Enzymedica’s Enzyme NutritionTM Multi-Vitamin was Named Among Top CPG Products for Innovation and Market Impact; it just makes sense.  Our enzymes are working hard, let’s work along with these like miraculous molecules and give our bodies an extra power!



Probiotics is a word being thrown around more and more, so much so, we’re looking for it.  It’s on this bottle, along with other key words for our health; dairy free, soy free, gluten free, certified organic and the infamous NON-GMO!  Working with your food and lifestyle, this is an enhanced deliveryand optimization for all aforementioned.

The Enzymedica supplements are providing major natural chainstores and fine health food stores nationwide.   Their products are made from only the highest quality vegetarian enzymes.

DigestGold GlutenEase DigestSpec

Enzyme Nutrition Multi-vitamins contain enzymes, minerals, probiotics and vitamins in natural form.  This is to ensure that the body recognizes and utilizes the nutrients as whole food, thereby creating a more potent, digestible multi-vitamin; Powered by Enzymes!

These many different formulas support immune function, heart health as well as bone, brain, breast, hormone, hair, skin and nail health, and can also provide an increase in energy and stamina*; they have it covered.





Farm to factory to you!

With a veracious, transparent “farm to factory” concept, Nova Scotia Organics started as a small, kitchen project that has grown into a 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility found on Nova Scotia Organics’ three hundred-acre farm. The collection consists not only of traditional vitamins but also whole herb tinctures, capsules, tablets, and organic freeze-dried snacks. Each product is GMO-free and regularly inspected and evaluated by Quality Assurance International (QAI).


With care and quality woven into each recipe, people can be assured they are receiving the highest quality nutrients available from Nova Scotia Organics’ resources. For example, their Vitamin C is derived from the antioxidant-packed tropical acerola fruit that’s naturally rich in the vitamin, while most other kinds come from synthetic, GMO, corn syrup-laden ingredients.

For more information, visit their website: http://novascotiaorganics.com

Be sure and keep up with their latest products…

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nova-Scotia-Organics/371701282991200

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NSOrganics

Enhance The Flavor!

1649 to present day, they have to be doing something right…quality!

Brew it slow, might just be the key to these healthy and delicious products; Marukan Soy Dressing, Rice Vinegar & Sudachi Marinade that enhance so many meals we eat.

Whether it’s Chicken, Fish, Beef or your salad, the fine authentic rice vinegar enhances the natural flavors. Most stores that carry these delicious dressings and marinades will have it in a specialty Asian Food Section or wherever fine vinegars are sold, so be on the look out.

You should also know that when you visit their website; www.marukan-usa.com, you can see their long history of events such as becoming certified Organic, Non-GMO verified and yes, Kosher Certified. They also provide some very healthy recipes.

It’s fit for the Imperial Palace, I’m sure your home will enjoy it to!

Coconut Cares

With various wonders from our earth being dubbed and stamped with the title of “super food” every year, it’s likely you haven’t gotten around to this one yet. With too many benefits to name, Coconut oil is a great addition to this list. Its unique blend of fatty acids can have real positive effects on your overall health. Among the benefits, weight loss, better brain function, and protecting your hair and nails.

The Carrington Farms Coconut Oil is a pure, unrefined, and cold pressed coconut oil that omits a lovely perfume of the fruit before even opening the container. The 12 oz organic extra virgin coconut oil is housed in a perfectly sized plastic, it’s easy to store just about anywhere. It worked well with food, and just the same moisturized skin, and hair. I’d highly recommend this product as an addition to your grocery list – it’s a product helping you find beauty inside and out.

Find out more information here: http://www.carringtonfarms.com/organic-extra-virgin-coconut-oil-12-oz-tub-54-oz-bottle/