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Coconut Cares

With various wonders from our earth being dubbed and stamped with the title of “super food” every year, it’s likely you haven’t gotten around to this one yet. With too many benefits to name, Coconut oil is a great addition to this list. Its unique blend of fatty acids can have real positive effects on your overall health. Among the benefits, weight loss, better brain function, and protecting your hair and nails.

The Carrington Farms Coconut Oil is a pure, unrefined, and cold pressed coconut oil that omits a lovely perfume of the fruit before even opening the container. The 12 oz organic extra virgin coconut oil is housed in a perfectly sized plastic, it’s easy to store just about anywhere. It worked well with food, and just the same moisturized skin, and hair. I’d highly recommend this product as an addition to your grocery list – it’s a product helping you find beauty inside and out.

Find out more information here: http://www.carringtonfarms.com/organic-extra-virgin-coconut-oil-12-oz-tub-54-oz-bottle/