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New Natural Supplement Helps Promote Healthy Sugar Metabolism!

New Natural Supplement Helps Promote Healthy Sugar Metabolism!
written by Kirsten Filkill

NuControl is intended for individuals who are concerned about maintaining healthy sensitivity to insulin and blood sugar levels. NuControl’s patent-pending combination of L-leucine, resveratrol and vitamins D and K aim the biological pathways in the body to increase the ability to process glucose. According to research conducted by NuSirt Sciences, the Nashville, Tenn.,-based biotech company that manufactures the supplement NuControl has no known adverse side-effects.

The formulation of NuControl is based on scientific studies by Michael B. Zemel, Ph.d., NuSirt Founder and former Director of the Nutrition Institute at the University of Tennessee. His groundbreaking research centered on the important role of dairy products in both the ability to uphold a healthy average weight and the management of overweight and obesity.

“For more than 30 years, I’ve been researching all-natural solutions for healthy living,” Zemel said. “NuControl is a breakthrough scientific approach to promoting healthy sugar metabolism and natural weight loss.”

In animal studies, NuSirt Sciences showed that resveratrol, in combination with leucine, resulted in dramatic improvement in insulin sensitivity and the ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. “The research breaks new ground in the understanding of metabolic health by showing that specific, novel combinations of all natural compounds–at dosing levels smaller than what was previously believed to be beneficial–have the potential to improve an individual’s metabolic health,” Zemel said.

NuSirt’s approach is to design products targeting health risks such as obesity, diabetes, and inflammation. The business focuses on the mechanisms at work and outcomes, not simply the ingredients. “While other nutraceutical companies seem obsessed over differentiating their berry or oil versus another, we are focused on the science and the clinically-proven benefit to the consumer,” CEO Doug Grindstaff said.

NuControl is available for sale online at www.nucontrol.com. NuSirt Sciences is in negotiations with retailers and distributors to offer the product on retail shelves throughout the United States.