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Say Sayonara, Dirty Drinking Water!

T-12 Atmospheric Water Generator

Have you ever wondered what’s in your water? Well, it doesn’t look promising: Thousands of micro-plastics, harmful bacteria, and dangerous “forever chemicals” like lead and PFAS might be polluting the water you drink every day (Yes, even in your favorite bottled water!)

This isn’t just an environmental issue, it’s a health concern – clean, pure water is essential to maintain your health, quench your thirst, and hydrate the billions of cells in your body that keep you going.

But not to fret: With Altitude Water’s innovative, eco-friendly approach to water purification, you no longer have to wonder about what’s lingering inside of your water.

Altitude Water’s cutting-edge Atmospheric Water Generators produce safe and clean drinking water through extracting water vapor straight from the air around you (like magic!) These AWGs use ozone, a naturally occurring gas that destroys all pathogens and impurities in your water. That’s right: No more plastic particles, no more bacteria, no more chemicals – only pure, fresh water.

Altitude Water makes it easy to drink water with a sound mind. With their refreshing, clean, and sustainable water, your body, your health, and the planet will be sure to thank you.


By: Florence Wright, Retail Analyst at PlanetRetail RNG

Consumer spending on health and beauty is increasing globally, with Asia & Oceania driving most of the growth. North America is currently the largest region in terms of spend, accounting for 36% of global revenue. Whilst strong growth is projected, its share will decline to 33% as other regions grow at a faster rate.

Leading specialists compete in a highly concentrated health and beauty sector. Walgreens and CVS dominate the health & beauty sector, contributing to 62% of the top 10 specialists’ sales, which is set to reach 65% by 2022. With global consolidation a key trend within the sector, smaller specialists will need to invest in their fulfilment capabilities and broader health and beauty service provision, to compete over the next five years.

Other top global retailers are also adding more health & beauty services to their overall proposition. Amazon and Zalando have recently launched online beauty brands, whilst Alibaba is investing in its provision of the ‘future pharmacy’. Such developments mean that innovation across the health, beauty and personal care sector will be increasingly inspired by retailers beyond the traditional drugstore or pharmacy channel.

As consumer interest in health & beauty peaks, the sector will grow in importance. Health & beauty consumer spending as a share of total retail format sales is set to steadily increase from 5.6% in 2012 to almost 6.5% by 2022. This increase in share means growth in consumer spending on health & beauty is set to outpace growth in overall global retail format sales.

For retailers and suppliers selling beauty, recent focus has centred around elevating the customer experience of shopping the category and, particularly, ensuring in-store experiences are reflected online. Integrating technologies such as AR into product merchandising and embracing demonstration through in-store events or online tutorials, are just some of the ways stakeholders are engaging consumers in the sector.


Spoonful of Minerals!

Minerals: The Forgotten Nutrient by Joy Stephenson uses great key topics discussing why minerals are truly the route for us to go to stay healthy.

Stephenson goes into depth talking about how we need to stay on top of our health. In the book, there are fourteen top minerals that we need to maintain in our body on a daily basis. Some of these include Potassium, Chromium, Sodium, Magnesium and a plethora of other useful nutrients. It is a splendid resource in providing recommended daily intakes to get you started on your journey. It is supported with well cited references that the author had compiled for the book.

This is a great book to use in discussing the importance of minerals and how they will help if you may have any chronic illness, injury or perhaps emotional health. It goes into great detail into what the average person needs to take for minerals and why you should take them. Stephenson goes on and finishes the book with why a routine doctor testing for minerals might be a good enough. It is an excellent way to convey what you should and should not due in the future when it comes to testing for minerals and what your next step should be.

reviewed by Amber Kelley

Led Her Wean!

The Parent’s Guide to Baby-Led Weaning includes all the knowledge every parent should know about the importance of feeding their baby real food that is rich in nutrients and will ultimately help develop a healthy relationship with food from a young age.  This book is easy to read and includes a variety of delicious recipes that you can make at home. It’s the perfect read for someone that is looking to transition and would love to know more in-depth information about the benefits of real food and how to prevent the actual risks that many parents worry about when starting to feed their baby real food. There are tons of great topics, strategies, and advice for every parent.

Reviewed by: Sara Arbelaez

Prison Good!

Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook by Albert “Prodigy” Johnson and Kathy Iandoli


Albert “Prodigy” Johnson served three and half years in prison, where he mainly focused on his health. Commissary Kitchen provides a deeper understanding of the meals consumed in prison. Along with recipes provided, this book reminisces on situations in prison involving food. As meal prep in prison is constricted, this book will speak to anyone who has served time, curious about prison life, or those who have limited access to cooking luxuries, such as college students.

Written with a great sense of humor, Johnson writes about having to navigate through his incarceration in discovering the means to recreate healthy dishes with intelligence in order to control his lifelong battle with sickle cell anemia.

This cookbook includes the importance of how proper nutrition provides nourishment not only physically but also emotionally. In addition to ingenuous cooking, this cookbook will address the important roles food plays in building community as well as the movement of veganism in hip-hop culture.

Reviewed by Jesse Garber

It’s the Scoop!

Something about this book makes me want a bagel…and yes, tossing that extra dough!  Should I Scoop Out My Bagel?  hits on topics of why we can sometimes struggle with our weight, eating habbits and other areas that believe it or not – are all connected.  Think of a question and chances are that this 247 page book will have some answers.  An informative collaborate effort by registered dietitian Ilyse Schapiro, MS, RD, CDN and health industry expert, Hallie Rich.

The sources are listed and gives exact links to the sites, and one of our favorites as you’ve seen this thousands of times in your lifetime…Should I blot my pizza?  That really hit a soft spot!  Flip to page 46 as this is a popular one as well…glad they mentioned Uber too!  There just so many tips intertwined with common questions, it’s a brilliant add to your recipe, health, diet library.





Healthy Reboot!

Manual Villacorta, M.S., R.D., veteran registered dietitian and seasoned author pens Whole Body Reboot: The Peruvian Superfoods Diet to Detoxify, Energize, and Supercharge Fat Loss (2014), the third and most colorful of his South American infused health and lifestyle compositions.  Whole Body Reboot affords its prosperous readers a journey through 135 recipes and individualized 7-day meal plans, all low in calories yet abundantly rich in nutrients: Villacorta refers to these as “super foods.”  Villacorta’s approach is unique in the sense that flavor is never compromised at the expense of health; rather, the two often opposing components are preserved and even enhanced.  Recipes like Sweet Potato Waffles and Butter Beans a La Parmesan are outlined with detailed ingredients, easy-to-follow instructions, and high-definition color photographs for an even more precise impression on the delicious designs.  Whole Body Reboot can begin your personal journey to independence through long-lasting health.

whole body reboot (cover picture)

Written by Arismendy Hernandez

Fitness, Top 5

As we’re revamping our workouts to get in last-minute optimal shape or frantically starting our workout plans for summer, everyone’s looking for the best way to get fit before they hit the beach. Seeing results is possible if you create and stick to a healthy plan and get creative in the gym. Below are some fail-proof tips and tricks that will lead you to optimal shape this summer.

You should always do your weight training before doing cardio.  The goal with cardio is to burn fat and the goal for weight training is to build muscle.  If you do cardio first you need to burn off your glycogen (blood sugar) before you burn any fat.  When lifting weights you need your glycogen for energy.  If you lift first, you use up your glycogen so then you can go straight to fat burning. Building muscle also fuels your healthy metabolism, which also burns fat.  Work with your body and it will work with you.

The key to a shapely body is to have muscle and less fat all around – so focus on exercises that tone multiple parts of the body at once. The most efficient way to do this is to you the larger muscle groups like legs, back and chest; then, if you have time, focus on muscles like arms, abs and shoulders.  If you can stand up you have ab muscles you just need to lose the fat in order to see them and when you do chest and back your shoulders and arms will get worked as well.  If you have the time to work every body part, all the better but if you don’t, focus on the larger ones for great results.

Top 5 things to keep in mind when starting a fitness plan

  1. Schedule your workouts for the same time each day. This will turn into a habit which will soon make your workouts automatic.
  2. Until your workouts are a habit, find a training partner or hire a trainer.  Obligation will make you get to the gym when determination fails.
  3. Work out at a place that is convenient.
  4. Make weight training the core of your workouts in order to build a healthy metabolism, strong bones and shapely muscles. If you want a shapely body you must lift weights, bones and tendons have no shape.
  5. Do cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or right after your weight training.  After 8 hours of sleep you have little glycogen in your system and after weight training your glycogen has been used for energy.  In both cases your body can burn fat quicker.

“Certified Personal Trainer, Best Selling Author and ISSA Director of Wellness John Rowley

Fuel Up!

Growing up as a dancer, I used to run straight from school to hours of rehearsal and would often just grab what was quick. There may or may not have been a short time period where I skipped multiple dinners each week purely because I didn’t have time. Though I rarely resorted to the fast foods we are so often warned about, my nutrition routine clearly had room for improvement. I wish I could go back in time and give my parents this book!

Are Your Kids Running On Empty? is jam-packed with valuable and interesting information, including everything from how to entice kids to eat their veggies – they’re always veggies, not vegetables – to the science behind everything that makes up what we eat. I particularly liked reading about how different foods fuel different parts of our body, and I know parents will too. I think my favorite part of this book, though, is how it makes these lifestyle changes so appealing and most importantly, attainable. By being so comprehensive, authors Ellen Briggs and Sally Byrd, N.D. do all the hard work and research for you, so you can just focus on implementing the techniques and reaping their rewards.

This awesome book is all about the simple, small steps that end up making a huge difference in how kids feel and perform on the field, on stage, and in the classroom. I promise, your kids will thank you later!

Written by Sydney Juliano

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s SUPERFOOD!

Take charge, take a quiz, count calories, buy a juicer!

Do it all with The 2-Day Superfood Cleanse book by Robin Westen.  There’s healthy recipes inside that are easy, quick prep time and a step program to positive thinking as well as suggestions like; Keep A Journal, Temptations, Meditation and many more common sense topics.

Use this book as a handbook and with a pinch of discovery and a dash of willpower, you’ll be on your way to healthier and happier living.

Make a plan, with the help of Robin Westen and keep on track with your plan and if you go off the rails a bit, it’s okay, don’t panic, embrace where you are with your plans.  Then try flipping through The 2-Day Superfood Cleanse and maybe flip over to page 119 and do as Ben Franklin did, rise early and start a new day; healthy, wealthy and wise!