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Drinking Tasty Protein!

Want a great way to curb your appetite and get protein? Want to drink it? Want it to be cold and refreshing with amazing taste?

Dietary Supplement News was asked to review Complete Nutrition’s Protein Coffee and their flavors; Iced Coffee, Carmel Frappe and Mocha Latte and we have to report that these products give you a great feeling, taste and confidence that you are having that morning boost of energy without an aftertaste and coffee breath! Not only is it a refreshing boost of energy, you feel better drinking it than just an average cup of coffee.

Let’s add it up…115 mg of Caffeine 100 Calories and 1 gram of sugar makes for a great start of your day or even a midday pick me up!

Low Calorie, Low Sugar, Boost of Energy with a cold easy to scoop and mix Complete Nutrition Protein Coffee with three amazing flavors!
Low Calorie, Low Sugar, Boost of Energy with a cold easy to scoop and mix Complete Nutrition Protein Coffee with three amazing flavors!

If you have a busy lifestyle, don’t have time to boil the water or clean out the coffee maker, simplify your morning and get into a scoop habit!

Coffee is so much better cold and with Protein!

Dietary Supplement News give them two thumbs up!

*Be sure and examine any ingredients and disclaimers on packages as with anything you consume!

Led Her Wean!

The Parent’s Guide to Baby-Led Weaning includes all the knowledge every parent should know about the importance of feeding their baby real food that is rich in nutrients and will ultimately help develop a healthy relationship with food from a young age.  This book is easy to read and includes a variety of delicious recipes that you can make at home. It’s the perfect read for someone that is looking to transition and would love to know more in-depth information about the benefits of real food and how to prevent the actual risks that many parents worry about when starting to feed their baby real food. There are tons of great topics, strategies, and advice for every parent.

Reviewed by: Sara Arbelaez

Osteobroth: It’s Good To The Bone

Every day there are claims of a new pill, magic elixir or another different trend that will make fat melt off and improve overall health. With the growing rates of obesity and sickness, it is obvious that the claims of these products are nothing more than that; a trend.

How did we detour so far off course? With such a high demand of quick and easy meals due to our hectic and fast-paced lifestyles, we began neglecting our bodies of the essential nutrients they desire.

Osteobroth is THE healthy and convenient alternative from higher-calorie and less beneficial bone broths currently on the market. Innovating how we provide our bodies with the nutrients it craves, Osteobroth provides a modern-day approach with proven health and nutrition benefits. This is not your grandmothers’ chicken soup.

Osteobroth has a great taste that not only makes healthy eating desirable, the convenience and added health benefits place it in a category in itself.

In fact, were so impressed with the convenience, taste and shelf life of Osteobroth, we are awarding it with our highest rating on Dietary Supplement News; 5 stars.

David Crooch is the founder of Osteobroth.
David Crooch is the founder of Osteobroth.

Fuel Up!

Growing up as a dancer, I used to run straight from school to hours of rehearsal and would often just grab what was quick. There may or may not have been a short time period where I skipped multiple dinners each week purely because I didn’t have time. Though I rarely resorted to the fast foods we are so often warned about, my nutrition routine clearly had room for improvement. I wish I could go back in time and give my parents this book!

Are Your Kids Running On Empty? is jam-packed with valuable and interesting information, including everything from how to entice kids to eat their veggies – they’re always veggies, not vegetables – to the science behind everything that makes up what we eat. I particularly liked reading about how different foods fuel different parts of our body, and I know parents will too. I think my favorite part of this book, though, is how it makes these lifestyle changes so appealing and most importantly, attainable. By being so comprehensive, authors Ellen Briggs and Sally Byrd, N.D. do all the hard work and research for you, so you can just focus on implementing the techniques and reaping their rewards.

This awesome book is all about the simple, small steps that end up making a huge difference in how kids feel and perform on the field, on stage, and in the classroom. I promise, your kids will thank you later!

Written by Sydney Juliano

We’ve Found the Solution!

Transforming the teachings he learned under the mentorship of the late Dr. Robert Atkins, Dr. John P. Salerno delivers the traditional Atkins diet in a way that is accessible, adaptable and easy to follow. Salerno’s take on Atkins is perfectly suited for the modern, health conscious reader. Fight Fat With Fat offers a guided step-by-step plan to help you eat well, not only to lose weight—but to feel great, without endlessly counting calories! The book includes simple-ingredient recipes that the whole family can enjoy—no “special” meals—including decadent desserts! The short and to-the-point patient testimonials prove that low-carb, nutritious diets really work!

In The Salerno Solution, Salerno offers a more in-depth guide to nutrition, food, and what our bodies need to remain healthy and fit—for those looking to understand the complexities of how food affects our health and weight. Salerno’s book is informative without sounding like a dull textbook on nutrition. The book is packed with tips not only on how to maintain a healthy weight, but to prevent heart disease, cancer, and stroke with the power of a healthy diet. The extensive glossary lets you flip to the exact passage you want more information on, and provides all of Dr. Salerno’s sources, for further reading.

Dr. John P. Salerno’s books are both essential for anyone looking for “a lifetime of health!”

Written by Amy Coker