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A Gap In Your Diet!

Using the Gaps Diet by Signe Gad is so useful! The large variety of healthy recipes right at your fingertips is a dream for anyone looking for a healthier eating lifestyle.

Eating healthy could be this easy, flipping through over 170 recipes.

After cooking and trying many of the foods from this book, it gives you an emotionally stable feeling.

For anyone that struggles with mental health issues, but did not realize that the food ingesting plays a major part in how you feel on a daily basis, this book is an eye opener.

Check out their Fish Lasagna step-by-step recipe.  Adding lemon zest really enhances the flavor.

This is definitely a “recommend this book to anyone” looking to change to healthier eating with ease.

Reviewed by Jaimie Ivers

Paleo & Vegetarian: The Perfect Pair

Are you looking to eat healthy, lose weight, regain self-confidence, and boost your energy levels? The Paleo Vegetarian Diet is ready to help!

The Paleo Vegetarian Diet is the ultimate guide to healthy eating and changing one’s lifestyle, featuring tips to mastering the diet with a twist. No rice, no dairy, no soy, no beans, no alcohol, and NO MEAT. But how can this be since the Paleo diet centers around eating meats like our ancestors did while Vegetarian diets center around eating dairy and soy products?

Author, 20 year vegetarian, and avid marathon runner Dena Harris creates a collision between the differing diets making them one. What makes her diet recipes special is that they are are vegetarian recipes that implement Paleo tactics without the meat.


The book even features a ‘Dining Out’ section listing foods that are okay to eat and foods one should avoid at culturally different restaurants and popular restaurant chains including Taco Bell, Chipotle, and McDonalds.

“For anyone who has struggled with food. I hope this book makes it an ally versus an enemy,” said Harris.

Written by EmmaJean Livingston

Healthy Reboot!

Manual Villacorta, M.S., R.D., veteran registered dietitian and seasoned author pens Whole Body Reboot: The Peruvian Superfoods Diet to Detoxify, Energize, and Supercharge Fat Loss (2014), the third and most colorful of his South American infused health and lifestyle compositions.  Whole Body Reboot affords its prosperous readers a journey through 135 recipes and individualized 7-day meal plans, all low in calories yet abundantly rich in nutrients: Villacorta refers to these as “super foods.”  Villacorta’s approach is unique in the sense that flavor is never compromised at the expense of health; rather, the two often opposing components are preserved and even enhanced.  Recipes like Sweet Potato Waffles and Butter Beans a La Parmesan are outlined with detailed ingredients, easy-to-follow instructions, and high-definition color photographs for an even more precise impression on the delicious designs.  Whole Body Reboot can begin your personal journey to independence through long-lasting health.

whole body reboot (cover picture)

Written by Arismendy Hernandez

Vegan, 350 Ways!

Deb Roussou hits the spot!  Her book “350 best Vegan recipes” gives a real kitchen feel as the book opens into a vegan pantry.  You can actually feel healthier just reading all the meal recipes with great informative tips on each.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert…don’t stop there, why not a cocktail…vegan style!  Watch out for that tree!!!!  Seriously, try out the George Of The Jungle drink (with or without alcohol) recipe.

Deb covers it all for anyone that’s making that transition to Vegan or simply gives those that have been Vegan for sometime, some new ideas.  Cheers!

Skinny Trim

Slip into those old skinny jeans with a little help from Water Trim. Water Trim uses plant-based ingredients to support a healthy fluid balance for your body. This may be just the support you need to get those jeans on – in a snap!

Water Trim is provided to you by Pure Health. They are a great company that never adds any harmful or unnecessary binders, fillers, excipients, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, stimulants or other unnecessary ingredients. They always use vegetarian capsules to support the absorption of nutrients in their products.

People everywhere are experiencing the amazing effects of Water Trim!  And those skinny jeans again…

Written By: Daniel Guethon

Line up for the tabs!

Who doesn’t love sneaking in a little ‘junk food’ every once and a while? Unfortunately ‘junk food’ does not like us as much as we like it. But, with lineatabs you no longer have to take extreme measures to trim off your guilty pleasures! Lineatabs is an exclusive state of the art dietary supplement that is refreshing, light, healthy and best of all, sugar free!

Occasionally, we eat the foods that might not be the best for us and we try to avoid the fact that comfort food is a ‘in the moment delight’ that can have some not so great bodily effects. No more “ uh, the food made me eat it” moments! Time to enjoy what you want to eat, when you want to eat it, without having to constantly worry about gaining more weight. Lineatabs® is not a replacement for a healthy diet and regular exercise, but it can sure make your life much less complicated while being incorporated into your healthy lifestyle!

Written by: Daniel Guethon

A Chia Moment!

With all America’s health rate decreasing, everybody is searching for the latest and greatest health supplements to keep them going. There is no greater supplement on the market right now better than Chia Omega Supplements! The formulas are all vegan friendly, they never leave a fishy aftertaste, and are all produced with the infusion of the infamous Chia seed. Chia seeds are an amazing source of energy, protein, and amino acids. There is much history found behind these revolutionary seeds. These revolutionary seeds are the world’s richest natural source of Omega-3 and they contain more Omega-3 fatty acids than any other known natural source on the planet. Also, Chia has more protein than flax, wheat, rice, corn, barley, or oats.

This unprecedented line of health products stands out by combining Chia Seed Oil with synergistic ingredients to help meet specific health goals. With modern supplements like Chia Omega® + CoQ10 which is found in all human cells, you can help keep your cardiovascular health right on the money! Chia Omega® +D3 helps promote balanced mood, bone health, and a healthy immune system. Chia Omega® + Enzymes is an amazing product in itself that supports healthy digestion of dietary fats. Chia Omega® + EPA & DHA can be the key you have been looking for to help with everyday cognition and clear vision! With all these great benefits, can you really refuse to pass up an opportunity to perform at the peak of your abilities while getting and staying healthy?

Written by: Daniel Guethon

Delicious Sea-licious!

Sea-licious is the latest and greatest innovation currently taking its rightful place in the fish oil business. From delicious meals to being able to perform at the best of you ability; the endless recipes and physical benefits you can gain from this product are truly fascinating.

The clean, pure taste of Sea- licious Icelandic fish oil in All- Natural Tangerine Lime, Raspberry Lemonade, and Tropical Colada is so delicious you won’t believe its fish oil.  With such great, delicious products why wait any longer? Make a positive change in your life today that will benefit you and your health tomorrow! Being healthy has never tasted so good!

Written by Daniel Guethon

Superfoods Work Wonders

Recently,  awareness about our health and physical  body’s needs is surfacing and people are now stopping to take the time to make sure the foods they are consuming are of no harm to them, and even catching up with nutrients that might be lacking from their diet. What many of these people over look are nutrients like Omega-3, which aids in maintaining healthy heart and brain functions; magnesium, which helps to maintain normal muscle and nerve functions, keeps bones strong, promotes a regulatory blood pressure, and supports a healthy immune system; and iron, which many people around the world are deficient of and have a hard time correctly stabilizing their intake. However, thanks to Linwoods ground flaxseed blends, acquiring these nutrients is not a problem and it taste great too!

Linwoods combines ingredients like cocoa powder, sunflower and sesame seeds, fruits and nuts, and hemp to create a healthy combination to boost energy, brain function, and overall physical health.  All of their products are gluten free and with no added sugar, they’ll go great in your yogurt, salad, and even meat mixtures for your homemade dinners, so take control of your health and give them a try!

Written By: Amanda Taheri

Complete with Komplete!

Many men and women have little time in a work day to prepare a meal let alone take the time to enjoy eating one.  Thankfully, there are healthy alternatives such as meal replacement shakes to keep you full and satisfied through the day. However, with new knowledge about proper nutrition and health side effects of many products previously on the market, men and women everywhere are starting to realize how unhealthy those old meal replacement shakes are. Komplete, the ultimate meal replacement shakes, has changed the game! Komplete is the world’s first soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, ready-to-drink meal replacement shake.

Kate Farms spent over two years creating the revolutionary product that is dairy-free for those people that might be lactose intolerant; gluten-free for those with wheat allergies or Celiac Disease; soy-free due to recent research that has linked soy to many negative side effects, including impaired cognitive function, increased estrogen in men, and hormonal imbalances in both men and women; and non-GMO for those concerned about harm done to humans, animals, and the environment. Kate Farms incorporates organic ingredients using 21 superfoods allowing consumers to feel good about drinking a meal replacement, and it taste GREAT too! Healthy eating should never be punishment, so drink up! Experience a healthy and Komplete life, with love from the farm to you!

Written by Amanda Taheri