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Distracted? Asher is near!

Mark M. Bello is back with a new children’s picture book, “What Should I Do, One Thing or Two? Asher’s Distracted Lesson.” Under his Em M. Bee pseudonym, Asher is recognized as an Em M. Bee safety book—a great way for children to learn about making safe choices in life.

Mark M. Bello is passionate about helping children prepare for the “real world” through his storytelling, offering insight into and lessons about the dangers of distracted driving and other activities. “Doing two things at once doesn’t always work best,” Asher warns. With the help of illustrator M.T. Falgoust, this story will engage children while teaching them important lessons, all through Asher’s adventure.

Introduce your child to a world where important safety and social justice messages are delivered in child-friendly, enjoyable stories-in-rhyme that kids will want to read over and over again. Bee’s previous children’s book, Happy Jack-Sad Jack, A Bullying Story, received a “Readers Favorite Book Award” and a prestigious “Mom’s Choice Gold Award”. What Should I do, One Thing or Two? just received Mom’s Choice Gold, as well, and is becoming a favorite in schools all over the country.

Be the first to read “What Should I do, One Thing or Two? Asher’s Distracted Lesson,” coming soon!


A Gap In Your Diet!

Using the Gaps Diet by Signe Gad is so useful! The large variety of healthy recipes right at your fingertips is a dream for anyone looking for a healthier eating lifestyle.

Eating healthy could be this easy, flipping through over 170 recipes.

After cooking and trying many of the foods from this book, it gives you an emotionally stable feeling.

For anyone that struggles with mental health issues, but did not realize that the food ingesting plays a major part in how you feel on a daily basis, this book is an eye opener.

Check out their Fish Lasagna step-by-step recipe.  Adding lemon zest really enhances the flavor.

This is definitely a “recommend this book to anyone” looking to change to healthier eating with ease.

Reviewed by Jaimie Ivers