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Distracted? Asher is near!

Mark M. Bello is back with a new children’s picture book, “What Should I Do, One Thing or Two? Asher’s Distracted Lesson.” Under his Em M. Bee pseudonym, Asher is recognized as an Em M. Bee safety book—a great way for children to learn about making safe choices in life.

Mark M. Bello is passionate about helping children prepare for the “real world” through his storytelling, offering insight into and lessons about the dangers of distracted driving and other activities. “Doing two things at once doesn’t always work best,” Asher warns. With the help of illustrator M.T. Falgoust, this story will engage children while teaching them important lessons, all through Asher’s adventure.

Introduce your child to a world where important safety and social justice messages are delivered in child-friendly, enjoyable stories-in-rhyme that kids will want to read over and over again. Bee’s previous children’s book, Happy Jack-Sad Jack, A Bullying Story, received a “Readers Favorite Book Award” and a prestigious “Mom’s Choice Gold Award”. What Should I do, One Thing or Two? just received Mom’s Choice Gold, as well, and is becoming a favorite in schools all over the country.

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Mark M. Bello’s “Happy Jack – Sad Jack” – Empowering Children Against Bullying and Racism

In today’s society, it is crucial to address the issues of bullying, racism, and the importance of self-advocacy and allyship, especially among young children. Mark Bello, a versatile author renowned for his thrilling novels, has ventured into a new genre with his book, “Happy Jack – Sad Jack.” This children’s book, beautifully illustrated by Melinda Falgoust, takes readers on a journey through the challenges faced by a young boy named Jack. Through this heartwarming, story-in-rhyme. Bello aims to empower young readers to stand up against bullies and embrace the power of their own voices.

“Happy Jack – Sad Jack” captures the excitement and apprehension that comes with starting kindergarten. Jack, a joyful and enthusiastic boy, quickly discovers that he is different from his classmates. The story takes a poignant turn when Jack becomes the target of bullying solely because of the color of his skin. This unfortunate experience transforms Happy Jack into Sad Jack, casting a shadow on his initial excitement for school.

As Jack’s unhappiness escalates, his parents decide to intervene and seek support from the school principal, Lou. Despite being taught not to tattle, Jack musters the courage to confide in Principal Lou, who takes immediate action. The expulsion of the bully allows Jack to reclaim his happiness and once again enjoy the wonders of kindergarten. This pivotal moment in the story highlights the importance of speaking up and making one’s voice heard in the face of bullying.

Through skillful storytelling and captivating pencil illustrations, Mark addresses the challenges of bullying and racism that children encounter in school. By portraying relatable characters and settings, Bello enables young readers to see themselves in Jack’s shoes. The story emphasizes that although seeking help from adults might initially seem daunting, support is readily available when one finds the courage to speak out. The expressive illustrations vividly depict the characters’ emotions, enabling readers to empathize and understand the struggles associated with bullying.A Lesson in Allyship:

“Happy Jack – Sad Jack” serves as a valuable tool for teaching young readers about allyship. Jack’s school community learns an important lesson through Bello’s impactful rhymes and Falgoust’s captivating illustrations. The story reinforces the idea that despite our differences in appearance, race, or religion, we are all valued members of the human race. Bello encourages children to celebrate their uniqueness while fostering an environment of respect and understanding.

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