The Beet Goes On!

Beetology Reviews: beet + tropical fruit

When most people think healthy, they associate it with sacrificing taste and enjoyment. This isn’t the case with the 100% cold pressed juice, Beetology. Don’t let the name fool you. I was skeptical at first as well. There are many health benefits to beets, such as being great for the heart, blood pressure, and brain. Despite the high nutritional value of beets, I have always been reluctant to eat them. When I tried Beetology: beet and tropical fruit flavor though, I wanted a second serving. In addition to beet juice, the drink was a sweet blend of coconut, lime, and my favorite, mango. If you are looking for a sweet and refreshing, but healthy beverage for the hot summer days, Beetology is a great option.

Reviewed by Erin McCusker

I knew about the health benefits of beets—fiber, vitamin C, potassium— but I wasn’t crazy about the taste. After trying Beetology’s beet + lemon + ginger juice, I’ve discovered beets can be just as delicious as they are nutritious. The refreshing combination of beets, lemon and ginger tasted great.  I’m planning on trying the other four flavors of Beetology’s 100% cold pressed juice, starting with beet + tropical fruit. Beets have been shown to be good for your heart, brain and blood pressure— between those benefits and Beetology’s delightful taste, this stuff can’t be “beet!”

Reviewed by Annie Ostrander

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