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Preserving…and Healthy!

Your Health is Surfs Up!

Turn to Youtheory® Ocean-Friendly Omega made from plants, not fish. Derived from algae where fish get their omega-3, Ocean-Friendly Omega is a highly-potent and more sustainable source of EPA and DHA. Plus, no fishy aftertaste!

  • 770 mg of plant-based Omega-3s per serving
  • Helps support heart, brain and eye health*
  • No mercury
  • Vegan-friendly
  • No harm to marine life
  • Comes in a recyclable aluminum container

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It’s you!


youtheory: “The promise of human potential and inspiring wellness in all takes our team around the globe in search of the purest, most efficacious ingredients to create the highest quality science-backed supplements.”


Get Healthy!

youtheory Immune+ Turmeric Extra Strength Daily Fat Burner
youtheory Immune+ Turmeric Extra Strength Daily Fat Burner

Today is all about powerful immune, youtheory has a + and keep going to powerful antioxidants such as Turmeric.  Weight management is ongoing, so keep that in mind too!

immune+ – youtheorypowerful immune support* full-spectrum organic mushrooms clinically-proven Wellmune® 100% daily value of vitamin C, D3 and zinc available as 60…youtheory.com

You Again!

To Essentials!

Collagen Liquid youtheory
Collagen Liquid youtheory

With 60,000 retail locations worldwide with international distribution in the UK, France, Japan, Spain and Puerto Rico – Darren Rude is doing something right!

collagen liquid – youtheoryCollagen is the most abundant protein in the body and helps give structure to your skin, hair and nails. As you get older, your body’s natural ability to product collagen will decrease over time – leading to visible signs of aging.youtheory.com

For You!