A Cleanse; Just for YOU!

Do we really need a colon cleanse? Isn’t the human body perfectly capable of filtering out impurities?

Well, according to leading health professionals an internal cleanse is now essential for optimum health.

“It is very necessary because our world is so toxic. We are ingesting, breathing, and coming into contact externally with toxins all day long and there are more environmental toxins then there has ever been and it’s growing,” says Dr. Tom Ziegler, a pharmacist at the Medicap Pharmacy in Ashburn, VA. “We need to do a cleanse to rid the body of those toxins.”

But let’s not assume that one size fits all. Because men and women have different physiological and nutritional needs, when it comes to internal cleanses there are different requirements for men and women.

For instance, companies like Yerba Prima are including Chaste-tree berry extract, the fruit of a small tree native to Central Asia which has been used for thousands of years to ease menstrual-related issues in women.

In addition, using a cleanse with both psyllium and bentonite provides a more complete internal cleansing.  Together psyllium and bentonite can deliver a one-two punch to waste and toxins accumulated along the digestive tract and colon.

On contact with water, psyllium seed husk thickens into a gel-like substance.  This acts like a broom to sweep waste from the colon. Working synergistically with psyllium, bentonite attracts toxins like a magnet binding them together as they move along the body’s digestive tract.


Peter Finkle

Director of Quality Control

Yerba Prima – AnAshland,Ore.based company credited with developing the first internal cleanse

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