Let’s Do The Bump!

Is that the baby in your belly or are you feelin’ a kick of Bump Sparkle?!

For all those pregnant mothers to be out there–Let us tell you about Bump Sparkle, the perfect light drink with only 10 calories! This bottle of sweetness is a carbonated flavored water beverage, and is a healthy start for any mother. This beverage contains folic acid, a key ingredient to giving your baby the best start possible, as it ensures healthy growth. There are a variety of flavors offered, but my personal favorite is Lemonade!  As I took my first sip, I noticed that you could really taste the natural lemon flavor. When I put my drink down, I had a warm sense of relief that I was not only quenching my taste buds, but also feeding my child’s health. This is definitely a drink to keep your eye out for.

We forgot to mention it contains the most essential ingredient…LOVE!

Written by Suzanne Polakoff & Laurel Hennessy

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