Who Needs More Focus?

Ever feel like your mind just doesn’t feel as “sharp” as you would like? Does you child tend to wander off in thought, not able to stay focused on one thing for more than 5 minutes? FOCUS is here!

Imagine having mental clarity and razor sharp focus every day that feels like a little  “boost for the brain.” And imagine getting a note back from your child’s teacher, “You daughter is concentrating better than ever, keep doing what you’re doing at home!”

Seven+ Premium Focus may improve memory, increase energy levels naturally, increase brain blood flow, increase awareness and alertness and protect the brain from oxidation. Seven+ Premium Focus contains all of the nutritional benefits as our original Seven+ Classic product plus these three extracts which have been studied for their effects on brain health:

  • Yamabushitake
  • Periwinkle and
  • Dokudami extracts

The eXfuze Periwinkle extract really opens up the brain and lets you get focused more easily and quickly.


Why do you need Seven+TM Premium Focus?

With the onslaught of unhealthy food choices, added responsibilities, distractions and conflicting information, it can be overwhelming to keep it all together and get through each day. Fortunately, there is something you can do!

Seven+TM Premium Focus may help you to stay alert and focused and improve your brain function.* Seven+TM Premium Focus contains ingredients that are rich in antioxidants that may protect the body from cellular oxidation.* Phytonutrients work at the cellular level to provide raw materials to the body that can help maintain health.* Seven+TM Premium Focus may be just what you need to help you stay alert and focused so that, at the end of the day, there’s more time for YOU!*

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Written by

Randy Friedman

President, The Athletic Mindset