RX Stylin’!

Who says your pill box should look like everyone else’s? Inspired by Dawn says it shouldn’t! That’s why she created these fun, stylish pill box cases that are sure to match your sense of style. From the kitchen counter of your home to the desk in the office, the Style RX pill box is designed to maintain the portable function of regular pill boxes while adding a stylish and modern twist to them.


After giving birth to her daughter, the founder and CEO of Inspired by Dawn, Dawn Kasper Gibel, decided to focus on motherhood and amongst the chaos of being a businesswoman and mom, she used her creativity to come up with innovative, practical, and simple solutions that everyday busy women could apply to their lives. One of her solutions is the Style RX Box, which is more than just a pretty box! The Style RX Box has a handy insert that can also serve as storage for jewelry and its magnetic closure provides easy and secure storage for your items. Being the right size allows you to plop it in your purse and when it comes time to clean it up, just pull out the removable insert and give it a quick rinse.

Portable, functional, and stylish!

Written by Nadia Caron