Heart-smart and brain-healthy book!

The heart-smart and brain-healthy book, The Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet is not a “diet” book but gives readers an idea of how they can effectively incorporate a more sustainable diet in their lives. That is, rather than focusing on solely losing weight, they can learn how to have control over their food choices while eating healthy. The book itself is well put together, from the first chapter being about the digestive system to the last chapter giving tips on how to eat out on these so-called “diets,” while in between illustrating how the Mediterranean Diet and Ketogenic Diet effectively work together. That being said, The Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet by Robert Santos-Prowse, you will see is well-versed in the ways of how not only food but also our eating habits can affect our bodies drastically. For anyone who is interested in practicing a healthier lifestyle, I highly recommend this book. Plus, great recipes are included inside! Review by Jessica Johnson