Acid Meets Match!

Let’s talk acid!  Some of us suffer with acid and heartburn…sometimes it evens causes soar throats, ulcers and more!  There’s balance…

Multiforce, a multi-mineral powdered supplement developed to help your body re-calibrate its pH balance between acid and alkaline so you can feel good, especially if you aren’t eating the right foods or balanced meals.

A natural alkaline powder that’s safe, proven and incredibly easy to use (just mix a teaspoon of powder with water), Multiforce is ideal for virtually anyone anxious to tackle the acid-based causes of muscle fatigue, gout, uric acid, joint pain, chronic fatigue and osteoarthritis (find a clinical study showcasing Multiforce’s effectiveness in dealing with this condition at

Natural Lemon Flavor; Natural Mango Flavor; and Naturally Unflavored…take your pick, they all do the trick!

The Science Behind Multiforce                                                                                                                                                                  Body acids are neutralized through various buffering systems in the body, but for these systems to properly maintain the perfect pH balance, sufficient alkaline mineral compounds are required – the very same minerals (including Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium) typically found in fruits and vegetables.

In order to maintain this ideal balance, nutritionists suggest we eat seven to ten servings of fruits and vegetables as well as drink two liters of water daily. Since that represents a tall order for almost all of us, the solution is simple: let Multiforce’s alkalizing blend of multi-minerals supplement your body’s nutrients, replenish these life-balancing minerals and, over time, reduce the symptoms caused by over-acidity completely. Makes A Commitment to Balanced Health                                                                                            “Anyone coping with muscle issues or with the numerous concerns stemming from excess acidity can rest assured we’ve gone to great lengths over many years to create the most potent and effective all-natural solution offered directly to consumers today. We’re heartened by the highly enthusiastic response Multiforce has already received from consumers and retailers in the U.S. and look forward to helping countless more people eliminate the corrosive effects of acid in their lives over the years ahead,” said Garth Woolley, CEO of Multiforce parent company SANP International LLC.

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