Synext to me!

Synext and Synext Lite are manufactured all the way from Sydney, Australia.   There’s some cool history here, based Biogency and was founded by University of Sydney PhD graduates. Their R&D Team consists of academic researchers, naturopaths and healthcare professionals who  dedicated research health science and delivering advanced high quality formulations. All Biogency products are approved by TGA (the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration).  There’s more…Exercising increases energy expenditure while calorie restriction or fasting reduces energy intake. These activities produce an overall effect of reduced energy levels, which switches cells into a “survival mode” by activating a signalling pathway called “AMP-activated protein kinase” (AMPK). The activation of AMPK pathway triggers a series of beneficial cellular activities including increasing insulin sensitivity, NAD+ levels, DNA repair, immunity, stem cell functions and autophagy, as well as reducing inflammation and so on. These activities will ultimately improve general health and longevity.  Synext’s active ingredients are able to activate AMPK without the need to exercise, fast or reduce calorie intake.

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