Games can be addicting!

Here’s a few to speak of…Winter means colder months, shorter days. COVID means longer days! With more time stuck inside, you might find yourself feeling those winter blues otherwise known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is not an easy thing to deal with, but luckily, there are ways to manage it. Addicting Games, one of the largest online games sites in the US, is sharing a round-up of their top 5 FREE games to play online to keep your spirits high! The feeling of satisfaction or achievement when playing games releases endorphins which makes players feel better about themselves overall. Check them out here:

The Impossible Quiz: The Impossible Quiz is a classic brain teaser that will confuse you until your head hurts. This is an online game that is full of twists and jokes that will get you frustrated but also make you laugh. Try to solve the entire quiz as quickly as you can. Can you solve it in a day? You can do it on your own or invite your friends to help you solve this crazy brain teaser.

Little Big Snake: Little Big Snake is the ultimate slither style game. You may be big but it’ll take more than that to survive in the dewy world of Ambrosia! Little Big Snake is a slippery game of serpentine fun. On the jungle floor, deep beneath its leafy canopy, you are forced to defend yourself from a wide variety of potential threats using only your mouse and some hard-earned upgrades. In Little Big Snake you start off as a small, wormy looking serpent that has to eat, smash, and slither its way up the food chain.

Bubble Spinner: Bubble Spinner is a game that will test your reflexes and coordination. Shoot the bubble and match it to its color to beat each level. This the classic casual Bubble Spinner game that well all remember. Toss a bubble and try to hit another that matches the color of your ball. When you hit a bubble, it will spin the circle giving you another area to hit. Sometimes you may not have a clear shot so use the walls to bounce the bubbles and get to the right area. Try to always hit a matching color with as little as bubbles as you can. is a free io arena game. Welcome to, a 2D shooter game that has 3 different modes. In this game, you can jump into the arena as a solo player and take on the world all by yourself. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous you can also team up with a real-life friend and play duo battles where you tag-team against other tag teams. Finally, there is the squad mode which will allow you to team up with your real-life friends in order to take on various other squads of real-life people doing exactly the same thing.

Marble Trap: Marble Trap is a free racing game. Hello Marble, are you ready to race for your life? This is Marble Trap, a free racing game where you must navigate tricky obstacles courses of ramps, dips, hills, turns, and straightaways that have no rail guards to protect you from falling over the edge. An over the edge you are bound to go! Unless you practice. But even once you get good you’ll have to see how you fair against canons that line the raceway and launch bombs randomly into your path.