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Zenwise BlockAID™

Zenwise BlockAID™, an immune-system and digestive aid, is a supplement fortified with echinacea, elderberry & zinc.  Taking “Zenwise” daily to stay in good health into 2021. BlockAID™ provides immune-system and digestive support with a blend of key ingredients, such as 11 billion CF probiotics, antioxidant, vitamin C, zinc, clinically studied DE111 and gut flora supplements.  Go for the gut!   When it comes to immune-system support, a proactive approach this year to stay in optimal immune shape is right up there with minding what and how you spend as well as social change!  Get Zenwise! https://zenwise.com/ 

Dietary Supplements | Zenwise Health Zenwise Health is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of our customers through a collection of wholesome vitamins and supplements. Find an assortment of products for digestion and gut health, joint health, ketogenic and vegan diets and more.zenwise.com

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