Looking good this 4th!

Lillee Jean

Lillee Jean of Lillee Jean Beauty Inc. that is “Made in the Good Old USA” is just in time for the 4th! Products that are made in the USA and adds that Patriotic, easy, BBQ-ready summer look, she used Mario Badescu, Tarte, Too Faced, L.A. Girl, Urban Decay, Milk Makeup, Kylie Cosmetics and Laura Mercier.  

Here’s her gift guide: https://www.lilleejeanbeauty.com/post/fourth-of-july-wearable-makeup-graphic-liner-2021-lillee-jean <REPOST>

Step 1: Prep your skin for the hot weather. Makeup always will look smoother, and last longer with some good skincare products put on beforehand. Some of her favorites to use, include Mario Badescu, to get that collagen plumping look, and Tarte for hydration. Also, never forget skincare for the lips! A little Too Faced lip balm, to get the lips primed, and we are ready for action. LJ also likes to use Solved Skincare mixed in with the Tarte for a glowing finish to her skin.

Step 2: For that red, white and blue Independence Day look, she is using L.A. Girl Liner Pencil, with Urban Decay’s Prince Collection Eye Pencil. Westmore Beauty brushes are one of the best around, and LJ uses that to create the summery glow on her cheeks.  

Step 3: Lips are everything when you are talking about a put together look, whether casual or evening wise. A bold color for your lips to make the look really pop, here LJ uses a mix of Kylie Cosmetics with Beauty Bakerie, for that full kissable wearable look.

Step 4:  Hair was obtained by using DpHue’s Dry Shampoo. It is super affordable, and absorbs all oils as well as giving a lift to your hair without a residue. It is a go to product that LJ loves to use for those summer days. Perfect for hair that is straight, wavy, and curly, it is a must have staple for any girl or guy!

”I am proud of the freedom that I have been given, being born and bred in the USA. Because of these opportunities that this country has given us all, I am able to be who I am, and speak freely of things that I believe need change in the world. We are not perfect by any means, but we are still all Americans, and need to be here for each other first, and then the world.” 

She continues by saying, “While we are facing a critical crossroads in the USA right now, we should all band together to fix what is wrong, and keep what has always been right in America. After all, we are one people, under this great nation. Nothing is perfect, but change is inevitable, and healthy for a balance in the world.” 

More about Lillee Jean –
Lillee Jean specializes in content creation, reviewing brand products, and uncovers different techniques used, showcasing brands to fans. As a self-taught makeup artist, her other passion is teaching people about health, skincare, and beauty on social platforms. Personal skincare, beauty, health, environment, and anything concerning the youth of today is LJ’s platform and social voice.

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