The 420 Gourmet Cookbook
The 420 Gourmet Cookbook

If you’re craving recipes that focus on the unique, flavorful taste of cannabis. JeffThe420Chef, has released a cookbook that will educate and entertain new and longtime cannabis users alike, while serving as the ultimate guide to cannabliss! JeffThe420Chef’s cookbook, “The 420 Gourmet: The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cuisine”, is the ultimate foodie’s guide to explore the wide world of cannabis and edibles. His main aim for his cookbook and recipes is to educate people on the importance and benefits of CBD and TCH.
JeffThe420Chef | Cannabis Chef | Los AngelesAuthor of The 420 Gourmet; The Art of Elevated Cannabis Cuisine (Harper Wave, 2016) cookbook, JeffThe420Chef is the inventor of Culinary Cannabis, odorless pre-rolls cannabis flower and “tasteless” canna-oil and

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