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Looks Like Ice; Chips of Flavor

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ICE CHIPS!  The pictures come before the story this time!

These fun tins full of sparkling candy that look like ice and have a smooth texture full of flavor will certainly get people chatting.  You’ll think you have a favorite flavor until you try the next one!

Beneficial to your teeth and has an advantage to eating them! The chips contain Birchwood Xylitol which have many benefits ( http://www.icechipscandy.com/about-xylitol-benefits-and-more ) especially when in the candy category!  

These tins of ice chip looking gems, full of taste, are some great candy snacks to chip away at through out your day!

Type 2 Guide For You!

To have a complete guide on a disease you may have recently be diagnosed with or have had but still had questions is an amazing and important discovery in which we all would want and appreciate.  A guide that covers all aspects of a disease from the health issues and concerns to lifestyle change recommendations.

This book, Complete Diabetes Guide for Type 2 Diabetes by Karen Graham, Manitoba is just that, a complete guide for anyone at risk of type 2 diabetes, newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or who has had type 2 diabetes for many years.  An ideal discovery — this book is ideal.

What’s inside?  The most common diabetes questions, risks, symptoms, complications from diabetes; such as sleep problems, gum disease, eye problems, kidney damage, heart attack and stroke; A food guide; Medications and tests;  Exercise and precautions; Recipes and Stages of life with Diabetes.