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Get Smart with Dr. H!

Flare Up? That annoying rash, flaking, itch – Dermatitis, Eczema, Rosacea and Psoriasis, it’s a fight and you’ll need to arm yourself accordingly. Help your immune fight, help bad bacteria go away…Dermatologist formulated/developed and states a 95% success rate, that’s a great combination to give SmartLotion a try!

As with any products you may have a concern or question, always consult your dermatologist for diagnosis, supervision and treatment.

Let The Sun Shine!

Running to the beach, traveling or sitting by the pool…these Pump Tinted Daily Moisturizing SPF 30 and our Hawaiian After Sun Serum keeps you hydrated and relieved!  

Use it daily! Hydrate with 18% non-nano zinc and rich antioxidants that is good for your adventures! The after sun care with aloe, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Hawaiian sandalwood, and other Hawaii-grown antioxidant rich botanicals…enjoy, sit back and let Kokua be there for you!

Feel the Hawaiian love! www.kokuasuncare.com

Say Good-bye Itchy!

When you have an itch, you want relief fast! Give an spritz, and feel the power of Eczemol OTC Topical Spray.

Eczemol™ OTC Topical Spray

This magical product contains the all-natural, superpower ingredient Hypochlorous (HOIC) which exists in the human body and works as a natural healing response. This magical product is available on lomalux.com and Amazon and Walmart and retails at 2 Fl. oz for $16.99 and 8 Fl. oz for $27.99. 

Ah relief! Eczemol™ OTC Topical Spray, the first and only FDA cleared Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) for atopic dermatitis, 1st and 2nd degree burns, and radiation dermatitis indications. 

Rave for CeraVe!

The trifecta of gentle and effective skin care, whether protecting your skin from the suns rays to moisturizing all skin types! Watch out dry skin, CeraVe is here to lock in moisture and protect against irritants.

I hear it constantly, “I can’t believe I have a pimple!” Well, no matter what the age is, give a foaming cream wash with Benzoyl Peroxide and see great results!

There’s so much more, check out what the experts in skin care offer: https://www.cerave.com/

Friska – A great combination!


Feel the wellness! Enzymes, Probiotics, Botanicals, Vitamin D, and Cranberry Fruit Extracts…a great blend for your health! Anyone with digestion issues or that bloating feeling, look into FRISKA for support!

FRISKA’s website is information and user friendly, and you’ll notice PAGES of testimonials…scroll through, some of the comments might just resonate and prompt becoming a “FRISKA Vista!”

Let’s hear it for Collagen!

Seems like every conversation people are talking about the importance of Collagen! NativePath was listening…whether your concentrating on one are or not, they have hair to bones covered in 1-2 scoops in your favorite drink! Make note, this is Paleo, Keto, GMO Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free…so what are you waiting for? Add that important scoop!

Check out NativePath! And become part of the 4Million+ Club!

Trendy Relief!

Brilliant! There’s so many reasons to have Essence Wearable Diffuser’s handy, I can’t begin to list them, I’ll just leave to your imagination!

A creative and unique way of feeling good, relieving allergies to alleviating stress, nausea to a boost of summer! A must have for your wallet or pocket!

Want to get a quick call from a friend, pop one in the mail to them today!

To Order Essence!