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Health Hacks for New Years

10 Health Hacks for New Years Weight Loss Resolutions

By Matt Moore-Waitkus

For years, I made New Year’s resolutions to get healthier only to fail within weeks. But this year, I did something different – and lost over 80 pounds. 

So, how did I do it? I changed the way I thought about food – with the help of these 10 health hacks.

1. Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. Try to keep your mind on your overall goal if you find yourself discouraged after a bad day or week.
2. Find something active to do every day. If you can’t get to the gym, then walk. If you can’t get out for a walk, stand up while watching TV.  Just do something to break the cycle of being sedentary.
3. Try to let go of the idea of “forbidden” food. I met my goals by largely overhauling what I eat, but I have still had occasional indulgences here and there… and have really enjoyed them!
4. Plan, plan, plan! Meal prep has been one of the biggest strategies for me to eat healthier and more mindfully. Rather than relying on fast food near my office, I can prepare lunches for the week every Sunday and have those ready to grab on my way out the door every morning on the way to work.  
5. Find inspiration online. For me, it was scouring the Internet for before-and-after weight loss success stories in blogs and YouTube. It was so valuable to me to see other people who have accomplished similar goals, and learn some tips from them as well.
6. I looked into the reasons why I craved specific foods. Being aware of the reasons helped me overcome many cravings.
7. I realized there are certain emotions that trigger specific cravings. Once I learned to identify these emotions, I was able to distinguish between rational and irrational thoughts and behaviors.
8. Surroundings can cause cravings as well. I started to become aware of how my environment impacts my behavior.
9. I asked someone close to me to help me stick to my goal. Any time I’ve had a struggle, I knew I had a great safety net of people who helped me regain my focus and push forward toward my goal. My husband, Keith, has been especially supportive.
10. I keep Noom Coach, a weight loss program, in my pocket at all times. My goal specialist with Noom, Peppiina, also helps keep me in line with personalized eating plans, giving me nudges when I fall off track.

You can find Matt Moore-Waitkus on Twitter: https://twitter.com/matticusuk?lang=en.