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Handmade Oils, Ointments & Creams Oh My!

Why keep buying those expensive designer skin and hair care products when you can use natural ingredients yielding the same results from your own kitchen?

The best natural homemade skin and hair care products gives step-by-step instructions to make 175 formulas to treat all types of skin. These formulas include recipes to oils, ointments, creams, balms, shampoos and more.

Author and triple degree holder Mar Gomez does a wonderful job of catering the ingredients within her skin and hair creations to fit the desired outcome. Each page features a recipe with detailed instructions, tips for premium ingredients and measurements to use, and which skin or hair conditions the product is best used on.

Experiencing unwanted wrinkles, cellulite, acne or damaged hair? Gomez has a recipe for you.

Written by: EmmaJean Livingston

Soap Up Homemade Style!

As an Italian, I can never get enough olive oil.  So when I sat down with “The Best Natural Homemade Soaps” by Mar Gòmez and discovered my love of olive oil could reach beyond culinary experiences I was very excited to pick it up and get my hands dirty (or should I say clean!).  Opening with an interesting history of soap, and leading to the needed utensils, I was pleasantly surprised that I already had everything required in my kitchen.


In terms of scent, my favorite recipe I made was the Lemon Soap; nothing wakes you up in the morning like the invigorating smell of lemons.  As someone who struggles with oily skin, the Lemon Soap leaves my skin with a squeaky clean feeling but doesn’t dry my skin out.  Another favorite is the Chamomile Soap, not only for myself but for my hairless dog, Zero as well.  The perfect night soap;  Roman chamomile infusion peeking through hints of ylang-ylang essential oil will relax your senses and calm your skin.  The Best Natural Homemade Soaps takes the guesswork and label reading out of soaps and allows you to experiment and make a soap tailored to your skincare.

Written by Sirena Mazzone