Clean Eating, Clean Mind

RawEssence is a wonderful raw food cookbook and is part of the growing movement that advocates a cuisine that is eco-friendly, meets all your nutritional needs and is immensely satisfying and delicious.

These outstanding recipes offer dietary choices based on an overall respect for living things and global well-being, which in turn promote a healthy and responsible lifestyle. Rich in nutrients and enzymes, the recipes are recognized for their ability to revitalize and alkalinize the body.

They are also relaxed and flexible, so it’s an ideal cookbook for those who are just beginning to embrace the raw lifestyle because it also features an emphasis on attractive food presentation, experienced cooks will find it equally satisfying.

This book is full color throughout, and the dozens of color photographs provide inspiration for meals suited for every occasion. In addition to the recipes, there’s a mine of information about the benefits of living foods and ingredient properties, and all manner of advice on maintaining a natural and healthy lifestyle.