Iceland Glacier Water SNO™ Gets DSN’s Highest Rating

If nitrates are one supplement you’d rather do without in your drinking water, consider licking a 20,000-year-old Icelandic glacier for the ultimate pure water.

Actually, you don’t have to go all the way to Iceland to lick a glacier.  One is coming soon to a neighborhood supermarket near you.  It’s in a gorgeous bottle and it’s called SNO™ Iceland Glacier Water, which is fast coming the most talked about premium bottled water to hit the International bottled water market.

While it is crucially important to your health to drink lots of water, Dietary Supplement News along with a growing number of nutritionists, scientists and environmentalists are noticing that most bottled spring water contains rising levels of nitrates.  That’s not good.

Unique Product Attributes

The water ‘SNO™’ is different. Vastly different!  It doesn’t come from below ground like spring water.  It comes from on high, from a 20,000-year old legendary Icelandic Glacier and therefore contains zero nitrates.  Let me repeat that: ZERO NITRATES!  In short, it’s the cleanest, purest drinking water from a pristine source and an unpolluted, pre-historic time.  Currently it’s sold in the UK and places like Dubai and at some of the finest hotels and restaurants in Europe; also at fine stores like Harrods and some luxurious hotel spas in the U.S.

Naturally FREE of NITRATE 0

Being a Glacier Water sourced from above the ground, SNO therefore can not be contaminated by fertilizer run-off from farm-land into underground aquifers contaminating the water source. Hence the zero Nitrates.  There is evidence that High Nitrate concentrations in infants can be deadly and may cause what’s known as Blue Baby Syndrome.   Here is an analysis of minerals and other substances in SNO, and probably the most important one is zero nitrates.

Analysis: mg/l
TDS 52
pH factor 7.4
Sodium (Na+) 7.2
Calcium (Ca) 3.7
Chlorides (Cl-) 4.4
Bicarbonate 42
Magnesium (Mg) 2.9
Nitrate (NO3) 0
Potassium (K) 1.4
Silica (Si) 10.7
Sulphates 1.4
Hardness 7.03

After taking a hard look at SNO™, DSN has determined it is a 100% natural, unaltered, glacier water deserving of its highest G4 rating for the following unique features:

  •  Sno is the only 100% glacier water on the market fromIceland
  • It has unique health benefits
  • Its pH 7.4 (natural) Nitrate FREE (very rare) TDS 52 (neutral)
  • It is a “Structured” water, high in Oxygen, safe for infants,
  • It is sustainable, green, CarbonNeutral®.
  • It comes in PET and GLASS: Still and Sparkling (glass only)
  • It’s considered the best water available anywhere in the world, yet affordable

Unique Product Attributes

Sno Iceland Glacier Water has an ideal pH for the human body 7.4 and has the natural, near-perfect, body-neutral pH level ? which is 7.4 ? to help the body reach and maintain a state of equilibrium (a neutral pH).

Drinking SNO™ regularly will help assist the body to function correctly and reduce the risk of diseases that can be brought about by an unbalanced pH level

Naturally high in oxygen content

SNO is proven to have high oxygen content (13.3 mg/L with DO of 111.1% at 7.8°C). That means it quickly adds extra oxygen to the blood. Drinking SNO™ can be an effective way to increase the body’s oxygenation to help achieve:

  • stronger immune system,
  • greater mental awareness
  • more complete detoxification

SNO™ is a “Structured” water; not a ‘manufactured water’ or municipal water that has undergone excessive treatments of purification. SNO™ is naturally filtered through layers of volcanic lava rock, giving it the purity, natural balance and crisp clean refreshing taste that Nature intended. Once you have experienced SNO you will realize why preserving our environment should be so important to us all.

Since the distributors of SNO expect it to be on the supermarket shelves in the U.S. by Christmas, you might then sing a new version of that holiday classic, Let It SNO:

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful,

And since we’ve no place to go,

Let’s drink SNO, let’s drink SNO, let’s drink SNO!

by Tom Madden 

For more information about SNO, contact Adrienne Mazzone 561-750-9800 x210 or


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