Slimmer, Trimmer Seems like we’re all looking for that tasty diet to help keep weight off and that has a balance of nutrition. Whether to incorporate into other recipes from other sources or to use as your daily cooking reference, the new Mediterranean Diet could be right for you.

Keeping slim and eating properly is a common challenge for many.  Utilizing some of the natural approach diets, such as recipes in could have a positive effect on other health issues you may be having.  Even a chance to decrease that stubborn extra weight, these recipes are easy to make with most ingredients available at almost any grocery store.

The  Mediterranean recipes in this book use  Greek cuisine to reduce both fat and health issues, while filling plates.  SLIMMER designs a simple nutrition plan: a delicious, low-fat Mediterranean diet with revolutionary, fat-burning ingredients coupled with the self-awareness to combat the triggers that contribute to weight gain.

Greek author Harry Papas established his own successful Health and Diet Centre in Athens. He incorporated his successful nutrition program into a book to help as many people as possible. The New England Journal of Medicine agrees with Papas’ diet. In its Feb. 25th, 2013 study titled: Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease with a Mediterranean Diet, the NEJM confirmed this is the best, life-long, satisfying way to eat to be healthy and fit.


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