Flaming Greek Heats Up Healthy!

The hottest –LITERALLY –cooking sensation Chris Kryiakydes, better known as The Flaming Greek has blended his two loves, food and fire, to bring you a whole new style of cooking.


By combing his Greek heritage with a blowtorch The Flaming Greek puts a new meaning to “Don’t try this at home”.  The use of a blowtorch in the kitchen came about when The Flaming Greek was trying to live a healthier lifestyle and discovered how long it would take, on average, to cook a healthy meal.  With the use of his blowtorch he is able to cook anything in less than 3 minutes, making it extremely easy and fun to eat healthy.  After developing this process of cooking he decided to share it with the world, starting his own show called The Flaming Greek.  In the middle of his second season on air, the show is a massive hit.  Providing viewers with not only an entertaining cooking show but with a wow factor that only Chris Kryiakydes can produce.  Appealing to all ages the use of fire in a new way intrigues everyone that watches and is fun for the whole family.  The show provides Greek recipes for viewers to make at home, minus the torch of course. The Flaming Greek is on http://foodytv.com/chris-kydes where all of his episode, interviews, and recipes can be found.

Written by Anthony Petrone