Cook with Charisma Using “Tasting the Seasons”

If you’re searching for recipes that are simple yet sophisticated, nutritious yet delicious, and seasonal yet timeless then “Tasting the Seasons” may be the only cook book you need. Kerry Dunnington’s “Tasting the Seasons” does not simply list 250 awesome recipes, the classy cookbook contains personal thoughts on each dish, recommends settings that they may be appropriate for, and even humorously relays some of the joyous reactions of those who indulged in these meals for the first time.

tasting the seasons

To compliment  the smart and friendly voice the book is written in, the recipes are well worth their salt (or lack thereof) as well. Between  the fried crab fritters and the Christmas lima bean soup, or the crunchy banana waffles and the global egg rolls, there are certainly at least a few courses for everyone. There are recipes for food lovers of every cooking skill level and flavor preference. On top of all of this Dunnington makes a point to mention any possible ways of making these dishes in an eco-friendly manner and even includes a glossary of eco-friendly techniques and tips. Regardless of your confidence in cooking or your charisma in the kitchen “Tasting the Seasons” is a cook book for those who want to share an all around pleasing meal with friends or loved ones.

Written by Matthew Smith