Treatments that heal!

Natural Antibiotics & Botanical Treatments by Aruna Siewert gives insight on easier ways to achieve health and wellness in your life, both physically and mentally. It also allows you to take on a natural approach. This book will guide you the power of medical plants and shows how to treat minor infections and everyday ailments without any side effects. You will also discover how these plant remedies offer support of psychological conditions and during times of emotional distress.

Filled with vibrant colors, as well as photographs with color, this book is broken down into different chapters, beginning with a section on natural antibiotics and how herbal remedies work to support your body.


Once you discover that this is the right choice, you will have 46 plant medicines to choose from. You will get to learn the medicinal profiles and uses of ingredients like horseradish, arnica, thyme, and watercress. There are also over 20 common disorders that you can find to help your condition.

The final section includes an index of all of the different herbs along with a cross-reference to the specific concern they treat, along with a profile, making it easy to view.

Reviewed by Jesse Garber

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