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Treatments that heal!

Natural Antibiotics & Botanical Treatments by Aruna Siewert gives insight on easier ways to achieve health and wellness in your life, both physically and mentally. It also allows you to take on a natural approach. This book will guide you the power of medical plants and shows how to treat minor infections and everyday ailments without any side effects. You will also discover how these plant remedies offer support of psychological conditions and during times of emotional distress.

Filled with vibrant colors, as well as photographs with color, this book is broken down into different chapters, beginning with a section on natural antibiotics and how herbal remedies work to support your body.


Once you discover that this is the right choice, you will have 46 plant medicines to choose from. You will get to learn the medicinal profiles and uses of ingredients like horseradish, arnica, thyme, and watercress. There are also over 20 common disorders that you can find to help your condition.

The final section includes an index of all of the different herbs along with a cross-reference to the specific concern they treat, along with a profile, making it easy to view.

Reviewed by Jesse Garber

Think Yourself Young: How You Can Reverse Aging Using the Diet and Rituals of Tibetan Monks

Peter Baksa spent time in Beijing, China at the Lama Temple living amongst Tibetan monks. He sought to gain insight into their secret recipe for making time stand still.

In Think Yourself Young, Baksa shares the reason their practices are effective. The rituals train the brain to go into a specific wave pattern, which Peter calls “The Faith Wave”. Their diet and way of eating enhance their Spirit connections and Mind influence.

Baksa mirrored what he calls the Tibetan Monk Diet and made drastic improvements in his blood pressure, waistline, skin, and nails. Now, he is sharing his insights and teaching people how they can lead a more youthful, joyous life by simply making the right physical, mental, and dietary changes to their current lifestyles.

Peter has an abundance of tips and advice that can help anyone cut through the self-fulfilling prophecy that equates aging with suffering. Among his areas of expertise are:

–          How to change your perception of reality, harness energy, and manifest your desires (Intend, Declare, Detach)

–          Meditation and breathing techniques

–          Which foods can extend and improve the quality of your life, while helping you slim down. He can also tell you when and how to eat them.

–          Vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements

–          Exercising physically and mentally (From daily leisure activities to yoga and Chi-Gong)

–          And more

About Peter Baksa

Peter Baksa (www.peterbaksa.com) is an author, investigative journalist, and a professional speaker. He has written several books, including: “The Point of Power”, “It’s None of My Business What You Think of Me”, and “Think Yourself Young”.
Baksa has been featured in multiple national radio shows and he speaks professionally in workshops and seminars across the country. Additionally, his work has been featured in Tony Robbins’ “Breakthrough: The Power of Crisis” section of the Huffington Post.