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Beer has been around since the tail end of the Stone Age and is more popular than ever in the 21st Century as the craft brewing industry explodes across the nation, and beyond. There’s a continually growing selection of fine ales to quaff, and people can’t get enough of the stuff. Unfortunately, that creates a problem, one that many beer-lovers tend to wear on their waists.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. In The Beer Diet: How to Drink Beer and Not Gain Weight, natural health journalist and beer aficionado Gary Greenberg explains how small adjustments in your lifestyle and a few choice supplements can make a huge difference in your waistline, and your health. He says he’s happy to share his secrets, “because who wants to drink alone?” Blending humor and information in a homage to health and fine ale, The Beer Diet is must-reading for anyone who enjoys tipping back a few — especially if it’s a few too many!


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