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Coco Loco!

We all go “loco” for Coco, especially when it gives you energy…naturally!

CocoMadness lets you chew your way to an energy boost.  It’s all-Natural, tastes delicious and provides some vital nutrients.  A real plus is being low in sugar and calories (20 calories per serving – 6 chewables per serving) .

CocoMadness, a Defense Nutrition product, uses premium organic cocoa to create a natural energy boost while delivering metabolic enhancing nutrients and an authentic chocolate taste.  A natural boost of energy with increased muscle and brain functionality.

“We developed CocoMadness to feature cocoa in its purest healthiest form,” says Ori Hofmkeler, Founder of Defense Nutrition and author of “The Warrior Diet”.  “People can try CocoMadness right before they exercise, during a long drive or while studying.  Some people have it as soon as they get up in the morning because it provides an instant, healthy energy boost. It also tastes great.”

So, chew away and get into the madness!