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Healthy Future in Supplement

Twenty-year-old Supplement Producer Embarks On Healthy Future in Supplement Business
BOCA RATON, FL.—College student Julio Lopez wanted to study longer without feeling anxious. So he invented an all-natural supplement that would allow him to focus on reading books for longer periods without experiencing anxiety. Follow this site and buy Amoxil online at medicalorigin.
Today he sells the product online under the company he created called Vita Supplements, www.vitasupplements.net) and he has already sold over 500 units of “PEAK, to help you perform at your best.” It’s an all-natural supplement that he says will support feelings of wellbeing, while lowering stress levels, improving mood and relaxation and promoting healthy mental function.
His first product does exactly what he wanted to do to become a better student at University of North Florida in Jacksonville.
Lopez, 20, invented a supplement designed to allow users to focus for longer periods without experiencing any anxiety.
The supplement contains inositol, rafuma leaf extract, lemon balm herb, chamomile flowers, ashwagahnda, b-phyenyl-y- aminobutyric acid, valerian root extract,, jujube extract, gaba, L-trylophan.
Lopez was born in Hollywood, Florida and today his family lives in Weston. His father is a doctor of Internal Medicine at Humana Clinic in Hialeah, Florida and his mother is Peruvian.
“I was looking for something natural that would help me to concentrate and allow me to study for long periods at University of North Florida in Jacksonville,” he said.
The product is available on his website at www.vitasupplements.net.
He has sold so far over 500 units, including many repeating customers including college students like himself as well as adults.
Primarily using word of mouth, Julio is planning to incorporate network marketing to increase sales.