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New Mobile Apps Produce Healthier Sex Life and a Better Night’s Sleep

Prostate Aerobics and Kegel Aerobics can benefit individuals in a variety of ways, from an improvement in sex life, to a range of overall health benefits.  Dr, Herb Ross has developed two new smartphone apps which train men and women to strengthen and tone their Pelvic Floor Muscles.  Kegel exercises for women can effectively treat vaginal & uterine prolapse, urinary & bowel incontinence and increase sexual libido.  For men prostate aerobics can effectively treat premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and an enlarged prostate.

The app is like having your very own trainer/coach/physio-therapist to remind you when to do your Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises, how to do them, how many times a day and how long to do them.  Pelvic Floor Muscles diminish with age, lack of exercise and toning.  Utilizing the exercises contained within this app help to strengthen these core muscles and support healthy prostate function. In women it is known to restore sexual function, bladder/bowel control and issues with vaginal collapse.  Don’t wait any longer to live a healthy life, download these smartphone apps today!

Prostate Aerobics and Kegel Aerobics are available in the iPhone App Store and Google Play Store for $2.99.  To learn more about Prostate Aerobics and Kegel Aerobics visit the website www.prostateaerobics.com and www.kegelaerobics.com.

Written by Michael Manos