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EnergyDot Antenna!

We all know that cell phones and computers give off radiation, which can be dangerous; because of the exposure; but, what if there is a device that reduces “hot ear”?

Not only that, but also a device that increases your energy, reduces stress levels and enhances the quality of your sleep!

Well, you are in luck! There is an amazing device called Energydots! They are harmonizers, which mean they work by re-turning the emissions from devices. These dots are a very small circle that can be stuck to any non-porous surface. This device emits electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s). You feel less drained after using your technology device.

While using Enerydots, I feel the energy in my house is a lot smoother and I sleep better. This is a must buy product that will benefit your daily living while using technology…and we’re sure you do!

Reviewed by Joey Argenziano