Desserts Cure Obesity: “Sweet Feast Forever”

In 2005 Dr. Robert Schwarazberg advised Chuck Weiss to lose some weight, and so Weiss began counting calories and getting on the scale every morning. His initial weight loss was a huge success, but Weiss found that after his big first loss, the lifestyle of maintaining his weight was actually harder than the original weight loss.

Unwilling to give up sweets, but still dedicated to maintaining his weight, he came up with a new diet concept. Weiss allowed himself to chew sweets, but this time around he wouldn’t swallow, he would spit them right back out.

The new spit-out weight loss regimen worked so well for him that he chose to share it with the world. “You Must Tongue it to believe it,” says Weiss. After his new found weight loss success, he created, which explains the medically approved program that has been successfully tested for more than eight years.

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