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The Healing Powers of… Asian food?

When you’ve spent the better half of your week on the couch, battling the flu and continuing your round-the-clock regiment of DayQuil—it may be time to take desperate measures. While many seem to turn to chicken noodle soup when feeling under the weather, another alternative may give better results: Asian food. Turns out, Asian food has several key ingredients that will have you up and running in no time.


Ginger, is a common ingredient in Asian food, and it’s known for reducing nausea, anti-inflammatory, and an overall immune system booster. Shiitake Asian Bistro located in Delray Beach has the perfect ginger-based recipes. Call in or stop by to order their ginger and vermicelli noodles, delicious and nutritious!

Shiitake mushrooms are also another great source for flu-healing; they’re known to improve the function of immune cells. And Shiitake Asian Bistro, of course, has those too! Their shiitake mushroom duck, as well as many other dishes has plenty of the shiitake you need to get you back to your best.

Last but not least, garlic—it does more than scare off vampires. Garlic is a very common ingredient in Asian food and it’s known for being an antibacterial and an antifungal. Shiitake Asian Bistro’s sautéed garlic cauliflower just might be the perfect cure-all to kick that nasty, lingering cold.

Everyone loves a tasty seaweed salad. But its’ benefits go beyond taste; seaweed salad provides vitamins A,C, E, B and K. Shiitake Asian Bistro’s seaweed salad is the best in South Florida! And in the midst of cold and flu season, you’ll want to keep some nearby.

Shiitake Asian Bistro has many other dishes with the perfect ingredients to have you feeling better! Next time you’re under the weather, pick up some food at their local location 4900 Linton Blvd #14, Delray Beach, FL 33445.

Reviewed by Kymberlee Bolden