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Sexy Snacks!

Clean, Lean and Sexy popcorn, pretzels and whole food energy bars are all tasty ways for helping to maintain weight while snacking.  Produced by Peak Health Coach, Suzie Carpenter, because she wanted to create something that was wholesome and guilt free for snacking.

Both equally delicious and satisfying, as well as gluten-free.

CLS CoconutCashewBar_08_07_13_noguides

Consumers can trust that their products will never include gluten, soy or dairy ingredients.  They contain no processed sugars or unnecessary, artificial ingredients of any kind, making them the perfect light, healthy snack option.

Also, they have a whole food energy bar that comes in both Honey Almond and Coconut Cashew flavors.  They are available at select supermarkets and health food stores across the country.  Keep an eye out for these delights!

PAN Healthy!

Keep the food you eat, from eating you.

How many pans have you tossed out, in fear that they’re just not good for your health to cook on?

Here’s a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to unsafe nonstick Teflon cookware, WearEver’s Pure Living 12” Fry Pan is free of harmful chemicals including PTOA, PTFE, and cadmium, which are linked to certain cancers and childhood diseases.

Unlike most nonstick cookware, Pure Living pan is American made and coated with a clean, durable, scratch proof ceramic coating, containing an aluminum base for even heat redistribution.

The fry pan is high heat resistant, oven safe to 750°, and is great for professional level searing and deglazing of foods, not to mention its recyclable!

Which would go best in your kitchen, stylish champagne or red?  This style could just save you from worry…the pans are available for purchase at Walmart.com.